photo a day week 6 toddler and dog

Project 365 – day 33-39

It’s time for Project 365 again, and I really struggled this week with remembering to take photos, not helped by being busy over work lunchtimes so there being less walking taking place.

photo a day week 6 toddler and dog
  • Caught this photo of my brother in law’s spaniel  out and about on the farm.  Looking a bit bedraggled as most of the dogs are looking at the moment.
  • Monday early morning artwork.  N isn’t usually that thrilled with arty stuff, but before nursery we did fingerprint bugs, playdoh and painting.  I’d spotted the fingerprint bugs box prior to Christmas so was pretty pleased N was given it for his birthday…so I could have a play.
  • The joys of a car which mists up really easily, and then takes 10 minutes+ to clear.  This was 5 minutes in to clearing!  And Nissan thinks that’s acceptable.
  • N likes to shuffle into bed with me after his dad goes out to work in the morning.  Then when I’m doing my hair and make up, he’ll hog the bed.
  • Here’s my crochet blanket so far.  It started well, but has stalled a bit.  I do need to make a 15 minutes a day effort so I can get it finished before Autumn!
  • N wanted to list to some nursery rhymes so I got him my old cd player out. Of course once it was in, he wanted something different, so I tried to persuade him to listen to something other than AC/DC.  Bit of Led Zeppelin, still didn’t go down that well.
  • Sad day, as I needed to take photos to put N’s buggy for sale.  Looks like it’s going this week as several people were interested.  He’s not used it since before Christmas (and that was laziness), so it’s time to clear some space out.
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    1. The fingerprints are great as you can make them with whatever (but I’m lazy so this was a fun easy way of having everything in one place!).
      Thanks for popping by

      1. We got rid of our travel system about a year ago as we only used that for walks round the farm, but he’ll now walk. But this one he loved. I have to admit, it’s definitely been painful as he always wanted to be carried after a short while when in town, as he was lazy. And carrying shopping is much harder without one!

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