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Spot a Lot Animals jigsaw and book from Parragon Books

We’ve not done any book reviews for a while.  It’s mostly because N’s not being interested in new books – he just wants us to read Biff and Chip. Oh, how I wish I’d never bought the set for him. Fingers crossed it’s not the book system they use at school.

I was surprised therefore, how quick he was to pick up the box that Parragon Books’ latest offering came in.  Spot a Lot Animals attracted him straight away.  I think we’ve previously had a similar book that N wasn’t interested after reading it once, but this one is a smaller version, complete with a jigsaw.

Now N’s funny with jigsaws. He’ll go through phases of doing them, but other times he’ll not be interested.  I also have to keep encouraging him to try, because he’s reasonably good at them, but tells me he needs help (even for the simplest ones he’s done many times before.

The book did get thrown aside after a fleeting look at the cover.  The book has lots of animals, and you count to spot the animals through the book.

spot a lot book reading

But he was straight into the jigsaw puzzle wanting me to help.

read and play book and jigsaw

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I still have to remind him to do the corners and edges first, but that doesn’t last long as his eyes spot other pieces that go in the right place.  He finished the over 30 piece puzzle quickly and was really pleased with what he’d done, we had to leave it out made up so he could show Daddy.

The jigsaw itself is just cardboard.  The pieces fit together well enough, but with a bit of rough playing, it’s not as substantial as wooden or thicker card.  What is brilliant is that It’s double sided, with one side colour and the reverse just the outline of the picture is seen so children can colour in  the picture as they wish.

You can buy the Spot a Lot Animal jigsaw and book pack at Amazon.


Disclosure: We were sent the book and jigsaw as part of the Parragon Book Buddy scheme for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. We love books – Pickle is currently hooked on a Peppa Pig one! I think he would love this. Kaz x

  2. Double sided jigsaws are a fab idea. Not sure how long a cardboard one would last here – rough toddlers and baby that puts everything in his mouth!

  3. I do love jigsaws for little ones but i do prefer wooden ones. Cardboard jigsaws do tend to break or the pictures peels quite easily

  4. Great review of a fab little package! We have this too and my two smallest girls love it! We have spent many happy hours spotting together!

  5. This looks idea for Arthur’s Christmas present, I think he’s a bit bored of his current books and jigsaws and double sided ones are so much fun.

  6. I’m not a mommy but hope to be one soon. But I do have 2 small cousins and they play with the weirdest things!! They like hair, skirts, handbags. It’s really odd! You kid looks really smart!! Finishing puzzles fast shows how smart he’s going to be! 😀

  7. Oh I feel your pain with Biff, Chip, Kipper and co. – & I don’t even have any kids yet! It looks like a lot of fun but shame it’s not more hard-wearing really x

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