sleeping toddler with trunki yondi neckrest

Review: Trunki Yondi neck rest

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N loves his Trunki, and since buying our first one, we’ve been lucky enough to review a Moshi Monster version as well as a Paddlepak.  The latter is used every week for swimming and always has comments whenever we use it.  We’ve recently been sent the new neck/head rest Yondi to try out.

The Yondi neck rest is the kind of product that I’d probably look at in shops, think it was interesting and then never think of it again.  But then when I think a bit longer, the more it seems like a good idea.  The concept is that it’s a support for in the car, when young children fall asleep.  Often when children are in car seats, their heads loll forwards when sleeping, especially if the seat doesn’t recline.

So this simply goes round the back of the neck, and holds together under the chin by a magnet, with the child’s head staying straighter as they sleep.  Much like a travel pillow, but childsized, and more fun.

The one we were sent was the red fox version (I thought it was a cat, so we’ll stick with that, given what most farmers think of foxes!).  Like all the Trunki products, it’s bright, colourful, and based on a character, therefore something that children want to pick up and have a look at.  It’s something for them.  N spotted it on the side, and immediately he grabbed the pack, unwrapped it, and popped it round his neck.  I’ve no idea how he knew what to do with it, but he’s been happily walking round with it on.   That shows how comfy it is.

Trunki yondi

N still has a tendency for his neck to crick sideways when he’s asleep in the car, so I’m hoping that this will help on long journeys to make him more comfortable.  The Yondi has a  microbead filling, so is a bit squashy, and flexible.  It fits with a little room round N’s neck, and will even go round mine (just about), so would fit from 2 years+ upwards.

We had a 3 hour car journey this weekend, both ways, so it was prime chance to try out the Yondi.  N seemed to think he needed to wear it as soon as he got in the car, so wore it whether he was sleeping or not.  He had a good hour long sleep during the journey without his seat being reclined, and he looked a lot more comfy than he normally does.

sleeping toddler with trunki yondi neckrest

On the way home it was buried underneath coats so he couldn’t get to it, so he was back to his usual sideways head rest.

I can’t really find anything wrong with the Yondi. Ok, so it looks a bit silly, but then that’s only really noticeable if your child insists on wearing it out of the car (it’s not happened with N yet, but I could see that happening).  Otherwise it does the job it’s meant to, it seems comfortable, and fairly robust, and N loves to wear it.  The Yondi also features the ‘Trunki grip’, where you can attach a favourite comforter if needed.

You can check out the other characters/colour Yondi neck huggers over at the Trunki website, where they can be bought for £12.99

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  1. Bless he does look really comfy. Chlo often sleeps in the car still so I think this would be great for her.
    Thanks for linking up this week with #TriedTested

  2. These are such a good idea, I hate it when their little heads loll forwards in the car. I like that this one goes all the way around his neck too, much better than the half versions. Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested

    1. Definitely do the job, although it’s not something I’d have thought about. N loves it though, so they’re definitely good if you’ve got a head roller!

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