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Review: trunki Paddlepak

As we’re big on swimming, as well as the Moshi Monsters trunki (link), we were also sent a trunki Paddlepak to try out.  I’ve vaguely noticed the launch of these in the past but have so far tended to just take my swimming bag to the pool with both mine and N’s gear in.

I think N was even more excited by the Paddlepak’s arrival, than the trunki suitcase!  He is partial to any sort of bag he can carry himself so the Paddlepak was an instant hit.

lobster paddlepak

We were sent the lobster pack – real name “Pinch”.  It’s a good bright red colour, which includes lobster ‘claws’, a little zipped tail (for small change and little bits and bobs), and what I think should be essential on all children’s bags, reflective patches which are great when walking in the dark.

trunki paddlepak Paddlepak

Looking at the pack, I initially thought it was quite small and that it wouldn’t fit all of N’s swim kit in.  But I was pleasantly surprised as I managed to fit nappies, happy nappy, swim top, snacks and his towel in with a bit of room to spare.  N was pleased to have his own swim bag and it was handy to be able to find his things in there rather than digging round my larger bag.

paddlepak capacity

Paddlepaks are made for the beach and pool.  They’re dry packs, so waterproof enough to keep water out and items inside dry, or for putting wet swimsuits or towels in and keeping the wet in.  We didn’t test this as I tend to have a plastic bag for all wet costumes and they just all went in my swim bag.  Definitely nothing got wet inside even after dropping the bag by accident on the changing room floor (which where we go swimming is rarely dry thanks to 30 minute turnaround of lessons and the lack of a drain in the middle of the room!).


Even over N’s big winter coat we could put the straps over his shoulders, and he could carry the pack quite happily.  I like the dry closure at the top which just involves putting the two sides together and folding it down a few times before clipping the strap together.  I also found it handy to carry the Paddlepak using that strap rather than by the arm straps, and N did the same a couple of times.

I’m not sure how useful the small zipped pouch would be as it’s really small and N doesn’t really have money, but other than that, I can’t fault the bag.

The designs (like all trunki products) are fun and therefore really attractive to children, and there’s various different animal designs to choose from.  I really like the shark with its fin, but the tropical range (which includes ours lobster) is so bright and colourful, they really make you smile.  The fact they all have names is appealing to children too.

paddlepak and swimming
Mucking around with his Paddlepak after swimming

Overall, despite the initial worry about capacity, we really like our Paddlepak.  Hopefully it’ll last a long time.  If you fancy one, the rrp ranges from £14.99 to £24.99.


Disclosure: We were sent a trunki Paddlepak to try out.  All opinions are our own.

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    1. I almost have envy myself at all the cool things there are for children nowadays. My mum used to get my school bags from the market and they were always boring, because they used to get broken so quickly.

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