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Book Review: Underpants Wonderpants

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As a Parragon Book Buddy, we were sent the fabulously colourful picture book Underpants Wonderpants to review.

There seems to be quite a popular theme of pants in toddler books, not that N minds as he finds anything about pants amusing.  As ever, it’s taken  while for him to agree to have this book read at bedtime…he’s a bit stuck in his ways and currently he’s obsessed with an old Topsy & Tim book I got from a charity shop.  I was definitely glad to get away from this book, and the pants attraction definitely helped him pick up Underpants Wonderpants.

The book’s written by Peter Bently with illustrations by Deborah Melmon.  We’ve not come across their previous books before, but I’m a big fan of picture books with rhythmic and rhyming prose.  I think it always helps young children remember the story and ‘read’ along.

The illustrations are big and bold, really colourful, and the story has introduced N to superheroes, which he’s not come across before.  This is one book he’s not tried to turn the pages over ahead of the words, so they’ve definitely timed it right and got the length of the words and pictures correct for the number of pages.  I hate being rushed when reading to N and some other books we do find he turns ahead of me finishing.

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The gist of the story is that superhero dog Underpants Wonderpants helps creatures and people with problems, by using large underpants (as you do) to save the day.  N’s favourite part is definitely the ending with aliens approaching earth.  He thought they looked amusing, although maybe that’s down to my alien voices.

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Going back to make sure he didn’t miss a bit

While I don’t think this is one of N’s favourite books at the moment, it’s one that can provide something different to other books he has in his collection; hopefully he’ll pick it up more once he feels it’s one of his ‘older’ books.  That should also take me time to get my tongue round the words as it’s a bit of a mouthful when reading in an excited voice!  Mind you, I asked him to pose for a photo with it…next thing I know I’m getting him chuckling and nosing through it.  He just needs to see a book a few times before he ‘gets’ it.

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