Book review: The Invisible Ones – Stef Penney

Book number 3 of my 50 book challenge was The Invisible Ones by Stef Penney; it was one that I’d probably not usually have chosen.  It’s not the usual modern fast moving crime/mystery book I read a lot of, but takes a more leisurely pace along with the private investigator Ray Lovell who’s trying to locate a missing gypsy woman after she left her husband.

The story is told from two points of view, Ray through his investigations with the occasion flash forward to him in hospital, with the other protagonist being the 14 year old gypsy JJ.  With secrets in the extended gypsy family and Ray’s confused emotions as he’s going through divorce, there’s uncertainty and questions throughout.

I found it took me a while to remember who was who in the family but found it a really easy read as well as making you think and wonder who was tangled with who in the story.  It provided a good insight into gypsies and their culture and beliefs, as well as making you feel for JJ who tends towards non-traveller life with his education, friends and future dreams as he becomes more confused with his questions and worries about his family.

I like the fact that the story has proper closure to it, although the person involved is still outstanding.  The two narrators have a happy ending, and manage to move on with their lives – this always makes me feel like a story is complete and the feeling of satisfaction with a book.

While this isn’t a book I’d have chosen normally, I found it an interesting read with a strong plot; I’d definitely like to pick up another novel by Stef Penney.

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