Meal Planning Monday – first timer (14th Jan)

I’ve vaguely spotted the Meal planning Monday link ups on twitter, but hadn’t seen any blog posts themselves, but as this year since being off work I’ve found I’ve been planning the weekly meals, I’ve decided I should join in and hopefully find some new blogs to read too.

Hopefully meal planning will stop us wasting so much food (when I’m at work, we all usually eat separately with N at childcare, OH at the farm, and me at work so I buy for weekends and odds for the week, which lots doesn’t get used), as well as being able to eat together. ¬†Although on nursery days it does mean that OH and I have to wait til N’s gone to bed (phew, am I relieved he’s usually in bed by 7pm)

So here’s my meal plan for this week:

Lemon chicken pasta

Salmon (or maybe tuna for me)

Gammon steaks

Cottage pie

Toad in the hole (if I can persuade OH as he only likes straight sausages)

Fish cakes or bacon/tomato spaghetti

I’ve also got puddings for the week planned – Portugese custard tarts, Forgotten pudding, Dulce & banana cake, and baked apple minis. ¬†Should set us up nicely for the week.

I’ve linked up to Meal Planning Monday which you can check out over here.

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  1. Nice to have you on board! Toad in the hole is very popular this week, must be the weather! Thanks for linking up with #mealplanningmonday.

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