Ozeri duo ultra grinder review

Review: Ozeri Duo Ultra grinder

I’m a big fan of kitchen gadgets, and I think N’s taking after me in that aspect.  It might just be a child thing liking cooking and gadgets, rather than something he’ll continue to want to do, but I’m all for harnessing that interest at the moment.  However, in the interests of preventing grains all over the kitchen surfaces and floor,  I’ve not yet let him near my new Ozeri Duo Ultra salt and pepper grinder I was sent to review the other week.

Ozeri duo ultra grinder review

We already have some nice shiny individual salt and pepper grinders which were on our wedding list; they do the job and look great, although they do have a tendency for the screwing mechanism to come a bit loose as you’re grinding.  But a 2 in 1 grinder had to be a good thing?  I wanted to find out so put the Ozeri Duo Ultra through its paces.

What should a good grinder do?

  • Grind both salt and pepper easily without too much brute force
  • Be easy to fill
  • Not leak out leftover bits after using
  • Be robust
  • Look nice (if you’re going to sit it on the table)

What does the Ozeri Duo Ultra grinder do?

I like the idea of the Ozeri duo ultra grinder.  It has 2 channels for the salt and pepper, so should be space saving as you only need one grinder.  Naming the channels is handy as although it’s a bit ‘obvious’, it does avoid contamination when filling it up.  We don’t use that much seasoning post cooking (and I rarely use salt at all during cooking due to having a young child), so one top up should last us a long time; if you season everything madly, then you might find you’re topping it up more frequently than individual grinders.

Ozeri grinder
Smiley salt & pepper face

The grind is easy.  Definitely a plus is the different coarseness options on the bottom of the grinder.  You can just turn the buttons until you get the coarseness you want.  I couldn’t test much on the difference of these, as sods law, I didn’t have many peppercorns in the cupboard, only coarse ground pepper, but the salt was just to our taste.  It’s a feature I’ve not seen before, so it seemed like a positive point of difference, especially if you’ve a household who have different tastes.

Because it’s a duo grinder, you do need to take note of which you want to grind and make sure you grind in the direction it points for pepper or salt.  Simple enough to do.

Filling a grinder is always a bit of a faff, so I wanted something that would be easy to fill and easy to remember each time how to do it.  This one does come with instructions – pictoral and text, so it was straightforward to fill.  I did wonder about the little plastic rim that looked like it was rubbish, but it serves a purpose to avoid the 2 seasonings getting mixed in.  To keep them separate when filling the grinder, you just line the chamber up and it filters it the right way in.

It’s a pretty robust grinder, so it should last for years of normal use.  The design of it is fairly simple rather than fashion forward in the gadget stakes; it’s definitely strong on functionality though.

The only downside, is the excess product that falls out afterwards.  We tend to give a grinder a bit of a shake afterwards to get rid of the excess (especially as N likes to pretend he’s putting salt or pepper on his food).  With this grinder I thought it would be great because there’s a cover that you rotate over the bottom to stop bits falling out.  It seems a good idea, but I found that a gentle shake of the grinder and more would fall out.   This might be because I had coarse ground rather than peppercorns in it, but I was also finding salt was coming out too.  So not as tidy as it might have been.

Overall, the Ozeri duo ultra grinder does the job, with a couple of nice touches (the 2 in 1, and the variety in grinding coarseness).  You can buy from Amazon, so if you’re in the market for a new grinder it might be worth checking out.


Disclosure: I was sent the Ozeri Duo ultra grinder for the purpose of review.  All words and opinions are my own

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  1. That looks fab! I’m always losing our salt grinder so having them both in the same place would be great – Love the stainless steel look of it too x

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