Keto diet week 8 – dieting while ill

This was week 8 of my keto diet and it’s not been an easy one this time.  I’ve had a cold, N has been ill with tonsillitis, and dieting when you’re ill is harder to get meals organised.  Add to that the coronavirus panic buying and it’s trying to do a normal shop but also allow for the fact that if we get quarantined, my normal pretty much all fresh food purchasing isn’t going to last.

Making fresh food is what makes a keto diet so easy, and that usually means buying more little and often as and when I need it. So my fridge is full but if we all end up having to stay home, it’s going to be harder to do keto I think.

keto diet week 8.

We also had a race night at work so I was prepared that I might have to eat carbs – unless I could resist desserts. Not easy when you’re a chocaholic and sweet tooth person.  They served pulled pork, so I avoided the rolls, and just had the meat with green salads. I did have a bit of stuffing and apple sauce though, and there were no keto friendly drinks. By that stage I decided I couldn’t resist a dessert so the evening was out the window keto wise.

So it wasn’t a totally keto week, but it’s just a case of going back to it as soon as possible afterwards. And trying to keep up the water – when you’re out and about it’s hard to get enough down me.

I didn’t weigh myself at the end of the week because I know I’ll not have lost anything and might have gained as well, given I had a non keto evening, and had a hot chocolate while N was at a karting party.

I do find it hard to eat out when the choices are coffee shops or self service cafes where most of the food is pre-packages. Meals out in the evening are easier because restaurants are more able to adapt to what you can order – so switching salads and veg for potatoes etc. But last week I had a flexi day that I spent mostly in coffee shops blogging. It’s frustrating because every single meal has carbs in. Whether it’s a salad with noodles or rice, there are no options. 

I even tried M&S café in the hope I could order a salad or an omelette, but even there it was all carbs.  My only option would have been to order a curry but without rice and naan bread.  Breakfasts were only served until 11.30, and I’d just missed that time.  I couldn’t face another McDonalds salad (McDonalds are the only quick serve type of place I’ve found so far that I can get a non carb meal), so just bought something from the M&S food hall and ate it in the car.

Lunches have mostly been leftovers, or salads with chicken, tuna or hardboiled eggs. 

Dinners have included:

  • Chicken stir fry
  • Omelette with tuna, cheese and coleslaw
  • Pulled pork with salads
  • Beef stew with veg
  • Meatballs in tomato sauce with courgetti

So back to a new week and back to the diet to get back on track. This is always my danger area when I lapse, so I need to get back to it again to avoid going off track and undoing all my good progress. The knowledge I’m about to get rid of my biggest trousers should be enough!

How are your healthy eating or diets going?

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  1. I find earring out hard too. Have tried to avoid doing it whilst I have been doing it as much as possible. Made the fathead pizza and loved it. Have also used my slow cooker book from the works loads as that has lots of good recipes. Keep up the good work Emma xx

    1. Restaurants aren’t too bad because there’s a lot more flexibility. But places on the high street are a nightmare. I need to start using my slow cooker more, but the OH is so stuck in his ways about things – cooking for them needs carbs, so I quite often do theirs then just do myself a stirfry. Are you the only one doing keto in your house? Or do all the family eat the same?

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