wasgij destiny 18 grabbing a quick bite solution

Wasgij solutions: Destiny 18 Grabbing a quick bite

It’s rare I get hold of new Wasgij puzzles, because I’ve done so few of the 100+ of them, I’ve got the luxury to being able to pick up whichever puzzles I find are cheap.  But I managed to find a good deal on one of this year’s releases, Wasgij Mystery 18 – Grabbing a Quick Bite, and couldn’t resist. I’m sharing the latest of my Wasgij solutions below.

wasgij destiny 18 grabbing a quick bite solution

The mystery range shows you an image and you have to work out the solution by thinking what happens next.  Like many of them, animals are involved in Grabbing a Quick Bite jigsaw and there’s some great facial expressions from all the character shown.

As there’s a lot of building and café in this puzzle, there are areas which stay the same as the box image, making it easier to get started. Once you add in plates, food and people that can mix it up a bit more for the challenge.

I found this puzzle fairly straightforward to complete and my method of doing Wasgij puzzles is working well, with edges, working on colour sections, buildings, clothes or any other obviously sections. What I love about puzzles is that they’re relaxing, and once you get the hang of how you need to think with Wasgij puzzles rather than relying on copying an image, they are also a lot of fun and relaxing.

I am building up quite a hoard of puzzles though, and I really need to clear some out so I can get some more. I’d usually do swaps with people at work but they don’t tend to have any Wasgij puzzles, or to charity shops, but I might try and sell some to help fund my puzzle habit! 

Check out my step by step guide on How to solve a Wasgij puzzle.

If you’re looking for solutions to my other completed Wasgij puzzles, you can find them below, and buy via my affiliate link – Wasgij Destiny 18*.

grabbing a quick bite wasgij destiny 18

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