Wasgij Fast Food Frenzy (and puzzle solution)

My last attempt at a Wasgij puzzle wasn’t the most successful.  When there’s 2 in 1 box, make sure you unpack the mystery puzzle and not the bonus one that’s on the box. Oops.  I’ll have to reattempt that one.  But I was recently sent the Wasgij Destiny 18 – Fast Food Frenzy puzzle to review and it turns out that it’s a lot easy once you get into doing them (with admittedly a bit of a cheat check).

Fast Food Frenzy is one of the Destiny range of puzzles in which the picture on the box doesn’t show any of the end puzzle.  The colours and characters are different, in fact with this one, it’s set in an entirely different era.  While the box shows an old fashioned tea room/café, the actual puzzle is set in a fast food outlet of modern times.

wasgij puzzle box

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As with all Wasgij puzzles there are several clues on the box. From suggesting you think about how a modern day version of the box picture would look, through to showing 3 or 4 coloured snippets of pieces in place to help you set out the puzzle.  You can also look on the Wasgij website to find an extra clue, although I struggled with finding the one online.

I’m new to Wasgij puzzles so once I’d made my attempt of doing the edges, and sorting colours or obvious areas, I did check for a solution online to get an idea of structure of main characters.  Once I had that I knew main areas of the jigsaw and could progress without needing the picture.

As usual the quality from Wasgij is good with both the colours and pieces fitting snuggly. With it being a busy puzzle with lots of content in it, for most pieces it’s not too hard to know where they should be slotting in.

I tend to do 30 minutes or so of a puzzle at a time, so a few evenings after work, and then a bit at weekends, so it’s taken a couple of weeks to complete.  But it is satisfying to see it completed, especially if you’re not following a picture.

If you fancy trying this Wasgij puzzle, you can buy it Fast Food Frenzy from Amazon or the usual puzzle stockists.

And if you want to check out the Fast Food Frenzy Wasgij solution, keep scrolling.

close up wasgij destiny 18 puzzle

fast food frenzy puzzle solution

fast food frenzy puzzle solution

Have you tried any of these puzzles?  What tips do you have for working out the picture?

Disclsoure: We were sent this puzzle for the purpose of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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