Animal bond -black labrador with chin being rubbed by boy

Project 52 2018 week 9 – animal bond

Needless to say, this week has mostly been about snow and freezing temperatures.

The week started as normal, but Wednesday it snowed pretty all day on and off without settling. It was strange – blue skies one minute, then white and grey skies and snow the next. Like snowy April showers.

Thursday it seemed that we were one of the only schools open, but we hadn’t had much.  I workIt was nice to be able to pick up N at a normal time on a day other than friday.

The school decided on Friday to close. Lucky really, because they’d said the main road was terrible and the back roads were badly covered with snow drifts. The joy of being in the countryside with open fields and easy wind access.  It was so so cold out though, I couldn’t stay out for long. It didn’t stop N though – that might have been because he seemed to wangle a hot chocolate out of me each time he came inside.

The snow has totally screwed our weekend plans. It’s my best friend’s daughter’s christening on Sunday and we were due to drive over Lincolnshire way today. But the  OH put a ban on us going (given he’d pulled 3 vehicles out of the snow by 7am.

Saturday was a lot milder weather, meaning N spent most of the day outside. The dogs were let out at the same time, so N had the labrador and puppy playing alongside him.  Put the labrador in snow and she reverts back to mad puppy play.  And the puppy’s shorn back leg from her broken leg operation doesn’t seem to have made her cold. I looked back on all my photos today and found this one. That’s love in a tickle under the chin.

Animal bond -black labrador with chin being rubbed by boy
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  1. Such beautiful, soulful eyes! Our school was also open on Thursday, though they told us to collect kids earlier. Friday was a day off school, much to my son’s delight.

  2. glad the surgery has not stopped the puppy getting out to enjoy the snow.
    It was very cold and I think your husband was quite right to say not to go. but shame you had to miss the ceremony.

    1. I was more sad not having the catch up with my friend, and getting the chance to see her parents and brother again. But we’re having a day meet up next month, and will head back there to her parents with her in August for a few days. So not all bad

  3. Oh this is such a lovely picture. We had four snow days last week and I am desperately hoping that they will be back at school tomorrow!

  4. The snow drifts were amazing I thought, although I’m glad we didnt’ need to go anywhere in them. Not surprised in rural areas they were bad with the wind whipping over the fields.

  5. What a gorgeous photo! So sorry to hear that your plans have been scuppered by the snow. It sounds like you had very similar snow to us – it snowed on and off all day Wednesday here without really settling and only started coming down properly on Thursday. My younger son’s school closed early, but the other school stayed open until the end of the day, much to my daughter’s disgust!

    1. Hard when difference school do different things. Ours could pick up from lunch time, but I just went at normal time. They did cancel after school clubs though.

  6. Oh but I miss Oxfordshire in the snow. Winter of 1986…..that was a PROPER winter, Snow drifts two metres deep. Wow does that make me sound like a bore! Your post makes me homesick ‘though!

    1. I remember that year, and walking into the village, we nearly lost my brother in a road side drift. So many cars crashing at the bottom of the road in the village as they just slid

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