diary of a wimpy kid mask and book

School Days – snow day and World Book Day

With the snow and freezing temperatures, it wasn’t a normal school week although our school did hold on til Friday to close.  Here’s this week’s school days.


N came home minus his VIP sticker on Tuesday, telling me when it’s swimming day he always sticks it on his peg so he doesn’t lose it.  He was awarded VIP for english work. I’m not sure exactly what for, but N does seem to be enjoying english more at the moment.  He’s getting the grammar they’re learning, and this week was telling me about how they’re changing the story of the Town Mouse and Country Mouse for their own animals. N, needless to say, has chosen sheep for his story. Supposedly he was making the town sheep have lambs but he hadn’t worked out how to put them into his story.

He was very proud to tell me that he’d included lots of adjectives, and several were the ‘power of 3’.

Snow wear and snow days

Because of the cold temperatures, the school relaxed the uniform policy, so they enjoyed non-uniform from Tuesday to ensure that everyone was warm enough.  I can’t believe there had still been some boys wearing shorts, but they were told no shorts because of the cold. N was happy enough in non-uniform and I was glad he wasn’t in uniform because having had no oil and therefore no aga on, we’d have struggled to dry school uniform in time for next week.

Friday was a snow day – we’d not had massive amounts of snow, but the wind had blown it into spectacular drifts causing lots of vehicles to get stuck on the roads round us. N was pleased to have a snow day and spent a couple of hours out in the freezing snow.

World book day

Thursday was World Book Day and while many school shut, ours stayed open. It snowed all of Wednesday on and off, and all day Thursday, but there wasn’t that much settling. We were able to pick up from school any time after lunch if we wanted, but as I needed to work, I just grabbed him at normal pick up time.

For the first time N had decided he wanted to dress up for World Book Day. He’d agreed on George from George’s Marvellous Medicine, but the school then themed the day as Disney (Eh?!) and books made into films. Sigh.  I’m presuming that was either trying to make life easier for parents or at the request of either children or parents in the past.  I suppose some Disney films are based on books, but many aren’t – although they since have books included in merchandise. Anyway, George was out, so Greg from Diary of the Wimpy Kid was agreed.

diary of a wimpy kid mask and book

We made a mask, dug out a white t-shirt…and then due to the cold he was in so many layers, the t-shirt was hidden most of the day.  And we arrived at school and realised N had forgotten his Greg mask. Oops. Not that N was disappointed.

He had refused for the first time to take part in the book swap. Each year, the children can take in a book, and then they come home with another book.  I went through his chapter books, but he wasn’t willing to part with any of them, in case he didn’t get a similar type of book home. Maybe next year he’ll go back to joining in again.

The recorder

It seems they’re just getting ready to start playing the recorder. As part of the class assembly, recorders are being used for an owl sound. N said they’d also learnt 3 notes (although he couldn’t remember the 3rd one). I’m quite excited that he’ll be learning an instrument. Ok, it’s only the recorder, but if he gets on quite well with it, maybe he’ll be more likely to want to try another instrument longer term.

Did your children have snow days this week?

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  1. What a fab world book day costume. And snow days are getting to be a bit of a pain now aren’t they ? x

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