Berrow beach black and white - Bubbablue and me

Project 52 2018 week 22 – Berrow beach

This week’s Project 52 is week 22, nearly halfway through the year and it’s been a lovely relaxing week – half term!

The bank holiday weekend was a bit nondescript because N was out on the farm shearing all weekend. Last year all he got to do was help pick up wool and moving sheep. This year he’s not only done that, but also got to try shearing. 3 sheep down, he obviously can’t have done that bad a job. Blimey, he stank when he arrived home though. One night he didn’t get in until half 9, having gone out again after tea.

I had a morning at work on Tuesday, then in the afternoon N and I headed off to Bath for a few days away in a gorgeous hotel. There’ll be plenty more posts coming (and lots of photos) over the next couple of weeks, but I’ve chosen 2 for this week’s shots, from our final day.

The Friday was the best of the weather with beautiful skies and no rain. Luckily I’d planned a morning on the beach, and although it was a trek to find it, Berrow beach delivered with empty sands, the sea was in so we could paddle rather than having to stay clear of the mud. It was a really lovely 2.5 hours enjoying the sun, sea and sand.

Now I’ve got the weekend to edit photos – I took a lot considering I only had my old point and shoot and phone.

collecting water on the beach reflection - Bubbablue and me
Berrow beach black and white - Bubbablue and me
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  1. well done N on the sheering, 3 sheep? he obviously really enjoyed it all. Nice to get some time away from the farm and visit the beach

  2. Either there or Bristol. Bristol is good for the boats and M Shed. Nice restaurants along the harbour. You can do a good couple of days there. Or stay there on the way down and Bristol on the way back.

    1. He does love the farm.
      The beaches round there worry me though with all the mud. I didn’t realise when we went to Weston-s-m and nearly got N stuck!

  3. Beautiful empty beach! I always love looking at the photos with reflections on the wet beach. I’m also very impressed with N’s being so involved in the farming, big well done to him.

  4. Wow that beach shot is just stunning! How fab that N loves working on the farm so much. Do you think he will be a farmer when he grows up?

    1. Thanks Fee. Yes, he definitely wants to be a farmer, although now he’s helped sweep up for some of the lodgers who’re helped do some work on the farmhouse, he’s decided he might want to be a builder too. Nothing like ambitious – not!

    1. It was lovely at the beach. Once we found somewhere. I’d planned to go to Burnham on Sea, but drove through there and it looked too complicated when the tide was in, so kept driving. Much better where we got to I think

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