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Project 52 2022 week 18

Another bank holiday weekend, it’s great at this time of year with extra days off. Here’s our Project 52 for week 18.

Sunday I’d hoped to get out and play tennis, but we woke to a bit of rain. I’m a fair weather tennis player! N had his first covid vaccination at the same place we got ours. It was so different to when I went – no queueing, just walked straight in ahead of our slot because we were early. The person checking N’s details turned out to have also sent her son to N’s school previously. He was fine having the jab. We were in and out in about 4 minutes, and back off home. Thankfully no side effects other than a little bit of a heavy arm.

On Monday it was bank holiday. My plans for the day were to read, get out a jigsaw for the first time in a couple of months, and maybe do some blogging. My plan worked pretty well.  N went off loaded up with my mixing bowl and ingredients to the farm. He wanted to make hot cross buns but turned his nose up at our kenwood chef I took down from the top shelf in the larder. I never use it – I thought it was because I hated the way the flour goes everywhere. N says the OH put it up in the larder out of reach because the one time he used it in front of me, I nearly put my hand in! I don’t even remember that.  So N went over to use Granny’s kitchenaid (I’d much rather have one of those, or just mix by hand). He did very well making them, brought them back here to prove. Although we did worry that they wouldn’t cook in time in our aga before tennis. But we just got them done in time.

N had a really good tennis lesson – his coach is pleased with how he’s going. I’m hoping he’s got over his plateau and he’s enjoying it more because it’s going well.

Tuesday back to work. It was so quiet with lots of people still on leave. Just one call, one Teams message, and very few emails. A good admin and catch up day.  

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The first lot of N’s school uniform for secondary school arrived. I ordered shirts and trousers from M&S* in two different sizes – it turns out he actually needed the bigger size if there’s any hope of it fitting in September and onwards. I need to know house colours before I can order the blazer and sports kit from the uniform supplier. Hopefully it won’t be too long. I just don’t know whether to go for 2 sizes larger blazer and hope it doesn’t massively drown him, or order one size up and hope he doesn’t grow too much

We played table tennis for a bit after tea. Then my brother popped in, and he and N played football.

On Wednesday it was weird no longer have tennis after school for N. He’ll have it some Wednesdays depending on court availability. The OH moans because from week to week he never knows what’s going on. I started uploading N’s old school uniform to Vinted to sell.  

Thursday, it was just work and school. N missed the Year 6 measurement day last term due to Covid, su they came back to school to weigh him, and a few from reception who’d been missed too. I ended up selling quite a few things on Vinted – the joys of everyone trying to get cheap school uniform, so hopefully I’ll recoup a bit of money from unworn trousers N’s refused to wear since March 2021.

On Friday I was happy. My food caddy was collected, so yay, no worries about that anymore. It looks like N will be playing in his first football match for his team in a couple of weeks as there’s a friendly which he’s allowed to play in (weird rules with ‘transfer window’ timings of when he joined means he can’t play in league or cup matches til the new season. Hopefully he’ll be able to borrow some team kit off someone as he doesn’t obviously have any of his own.

N’s tennis group is all change. The 2 younger children who were moved up last term have left which is good because now all the children are in the same age group..Now there’s a new child started, who’s a bit of a mystery. Living in a village, there’s usually someone in the group who knows new starters due to school or other sports etc. But this one’s totally unknown and the mum didn’t come and chat. N thinks the child is a boy but the name didn’t indicate either way. We’ll see how they get on – seemed to settle in, although did get a bit angry at not being the best each time they rotated in their ‘King of the Court game at the end.  It was lovely to chat to the mums I’m friends with though, so long may these warmer light evenings continue.

Saturday N had an early football training session. Looks like there’ll be a couple of friendlies coming up that he’ll be able to play in. It’s a shame he’s only just decided he likes football now. He’s missed out on so many years of practising compared to his teammates who’ve probably been playing since they were 4 or 5. He enjoys it, and it’s good exercise, but I can’t really see it being a sport he’s naturally good at.

We then headed into town to drop off parcels, and pick up a couple of bits. It was a lovely warm day so I kicked a ball around with him in the afternoon for a bit, and played some table tennis before it got a bit windy. The day went ridiculously fast, it felt like there was no time for me to sit down with time to myself.

lots of forget-me-nots all blurred

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  1. Those flowers are beautiful!! Glad N was OK with his vaccine. Isaac still hasn’t had his second one as he had COVID when he was supposed to have it. Eliza and Sebby have been invited for their one but I am not sure whether to or not. I have to order Eliza’s uniform but am waiting for the M&S sale, although I have to buy her skirt and blazer from the school

  2. Glad N had his vaccine without any side effects other than a heavy arm. Home-made hot cross buns sound lovely. Glad N’s tennis lessons are going well and hope he gets to play in some football friendlies. #project365

  3. Great there are some friendly matches for N to play in before the start of the next season. I used to struggle getting trousers for my boys for school, always had to go into adult sizes once they hit 13 ish and then the legs would be too long. I’ve never used Vinted, I need to take a look as I’ve got a lot of clothes I could sell.

    1. Vinted is great for sellers. No fees! And the people seem nicer than on ebay. Load little and frequently, and turn off any shipping methods you don’t want to use.

  4. Glad to read he is still doing well with his tennis and added football into the mix.
    I would have loved a “proper” food mixer years ago when the family were at home.
    My kids often come away with things I don’t remember happening as well.

  5. I do love this time of year with all the bank holidays but my poor fella doesn’t feel the benefit at they’re his usual day off work. lol
    That is good news that N was OK with getting his vaccine. I found the same when I took my youngest for her’s it was all done so quickly. Well done to him with the hot cross buns.
    The best tip I can give when buying blazers for school is buy bigger, they’ll grow into them and they’re so expensive. My eldest had the same one for 3 years because I bought so big. lol
    Hooray for the food caddy being collected, it’s about time!
    What a pretty picture. I love this time of year when everything is growing x

    1. Our blazers are only £28. I was expecting nearer £40+.
      Did you get called or a letter/text about booking second jab for your youngest, or Did you just have to go online? My gp text link won’t recognise he’s had jab 1 so won’t let me progress. But the central booking has nothing anywhere near us and not for 12 weeks time

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