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I’m not sure where I am at the moment in terms of feeling Christmassy.  I want to get excited because I love Christmas and this will be the first year that N really understands a bit more about it, and can make some good memories.  But I’m torn as my mum has just died after being ill for most of 2013, so my family’s going to have a really difficult time over the holiday season.

However I have taken part in my online mum’s Secret Santa (gift all sent off, really hoping it’s ok as didn’t get many clues from the lady that I got to buy for), and now I’m taking part in the Social Fabric Virtual Gift Exchange.  If you’re not involved or haven’t seen my posts for Social Fabric, then do look up my Cadbury triple topped chocolate bark or Bombay Sapphire cocktails.  Either would be good for Christmas gifts.

Anyway, back to the Virtual Gift Exchange.  I really wanted to take part to find about someone else in the social fabric community, and share my chosen person’s blog.  If you’re into crafts (or would like to be), then do read on about Amber and her blog JadeLouise Designs.  I know I’ve definitely got some ideas of things to try out in future.

Here’s some that caught my eye:

Tutu wreath – love this, so easy for children to help with

duck tape craft

I so want to try some duck tape crafts, and it’s just come over to the UK so should be able to try it soon.

freezing peaches
Lush – I always struggle with peaches and nectarines, so might try this in future. You can never have too much frozen fruit to save on waste!

I also love the idea of her food storage section – recipes based on ideas from the store cupboard.  I mean, who doesn’t need to dig deep and use up what they have, or rely on stand by ingredients occasionally?

If you’d like to follow Amber’s antics, you can check in at Facebook, follow on Twitter, Pinterest (I know I’ll be pinning lots) or follow her tutorials on You Tube.

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  1. I love Amber’s blog I admite her crafty side, and her beautiful photos of these crafts. where I excel in food photography she can really capture fashion, family, food and so much more!

    1. Thanks Mary, the virtual hugs are appreciated. It’s so hard to keep up with blogs isn’t it – I keep finding more to read, so I know I miss so many.
      Have a great Christmas

  2. Amber’s blog is a great blog to visit. Full of lots of great tips and tricks.

    I’m very sorry for the loss of your mother. I’m sure you’re hearing from everyone under the sun but it will get better in time. You will be able to think of her and smile again. The first year is the hardest and those first holidays are a bear but let the emotions flow – keeping them in won’t do you any good at all. I know – just what you need. Advice from a stranger….

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