guide to tractor runs in the uk
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Where to see a tractor run in the UK

Where are the best tractor runs near me this Christmas?

If you’ve never seen a tractor run before, then you’re missing a treat! They’re ideal for young children and make a great addition to your family Christmas traditions. After all, tractors and fairy lights, make for great entertainment. Not all tractor runs happen at Christmas, but they’re very popular at this time of year.

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What is a tractor run?

A tractor run is when lots of farmers drive around an agreed route through local towns and countryside, raising money for charity. Christmas tractor runs have the tractors decorated with festive lights. They range from small events with just a few vehicles, through to huge tractor runs with dozens of tractors. They take place all over the UK, so there’s bound to be one near you.

After the route is finished, all the tractors head back to the starting point. This will often be in an area that’s open to the public, so you can get up close to the tractors. Sometimes, tractor run organisers also run raffles and sell food at the end gathering, to raise even more money.

guide to tractor runs in the uk

Where to find out about local tractor runs?

The best place to find tractor runs near you is Facebook. Local Facebook pages or newspapers will have listings of tractor runs in your local area. They tend to be annual events, so keep a watch out for them, or ask a friendly farmer if you know one.  Ours is run by an agricultural contractor, but many are organised by Young Farmers Clubs (YFC).

They’re not just held in rural areas – many will visit towns and suburbs, as well as villages.

Where can you watch one?

Routes and schedules are usually put online a week or so in advance, so sign up to any newsletters, or look out for the events on Facebook.

To watch a tractor run, you’ll just need to find a suitable place en route. Bear in mind they can be busy, and you’ll need to park (if you’re driving to the location) out of the way, and find a safe place to stand.  We’ve stood at the gates of a recreation ground, on a path through a village several times. This year we decided to try going into town as the timings worked better for us. 

We also have a smaller run locally that drives past our farm, so we can stand in the driveway and watch out for farmers we know. Larger villages and towns will get extremely busy, so either arrive there early to mark your viewing spot, or head somewhere quieter.

If you’re with young children, make sure you’re somewhere with a large path, or slightly back from the road. Tractors are large vehicles and can come quite close to the edge of the road. Keep an eye on your kids!

tractor lit up with christmas tree
new holland decorated for christmas tractor run
lit up with reindeer

What do you need to watch a tractor run?

A donation. Tractor runs are usually fundraising events, and you should see people coming round with donation buckets. I always feel guilty because it looks like I don’t pay, but I prefer to donate online then I can gift aid the donation and the charity gets more money. It depends on how your local organisation runs it.

Waterproofs, warm clothes, hat, gloves.  You’ll be standing around for a while, in all sorts of weather, so dress up warm, especially if you’ve got young children with you or it’s an evening tractor run. If you’re going to the end point to see the tractors, wear wellies or other suitable shoes, as this could be on a field or in a muddy yard.

Drinks. We took hot chocolate in a flask for N this year which he liked, and we saw quite a few families sharing round hot drinks to their younger children as well.

If you want to check out what it’s like at a tractor run, you can check out some of my photos from our local Christmas one this year. Each year, the decorations get more over the top, and it’s great to see everyone taking part.  The Banbury tractor run has been running for quite a few years. We try to go and watch it, and spot anyone we know who’s driving in it. There are also a couple of photos from the run that goes past our farm in May.

blue tractor side shot
decorated john deere tractor
dressed up tractor run for christmas
fastrac with christmas decorations
Santa and chimney on the back of a tractor
tractor run south warwickshire
unimog in local tractor run

These places have also done tractor runs this year, some are new, some have been running for a few years. So keep an eye out in your local area next year for any around you.

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Tractor Dates 4 U Facebook page tends to have lots of dates included, although largely Welsh focused.

Let me know if there’s an annual tractor run near you that I’ve missed.

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