how to update holiday decor on a budget

How to update your Christmas tree decorations on a budget

While I’m sure many of us would love to do what the professional tree decorators get to do, and change our Christmas tree decorations each year. But that’s not really achievable for most people’s budgets. Or for the amount you’d need in storage for all the alternative decorations. But how can you refresh your Christmas decor on a budget.

I tend to change my Christmas tree decorations over a long time period. I like to add an extra colour in to my 2 main colours, but as I like nice, elegant decorations (generally larger rather than small, I add a couple of new baubles a year as I see them. Yes it takes years, but I can make gradual tweaks.

It would be nice to have a total change one year. If you don’t want to splend a lot of money, then you’d need to either just go for a bulk buy of basical coordinating baubles that work with a few existing one, or try a different method to refresh them.

how to update holiday decor on a budget

Here’s some tips on how you can refresh your Christmas tree decorations.

1. Go homemade

You can make natural decorations from dried orange and apple slices, popcorn and chili garlands, cinnamon sticks. Made paper or yarn ornaments to hang, or make bows from ribbon.

2. Swap with friends

Why not ask friends if they want to do a swap one year. If you swap base colour decorations you could get an immediate colour change to your decor. And it’s free. Or organise an evening where everyone brings along decorations they want to swap, and you could all go away with different decorations by the end of the night.

3. Try second hand or pre-loved

There’s so many places to buy second hand now. Try ebay, Facebook marketplace, Gumtree or charity shops.

4. Ask on Freecycle

Keep a watch out for what is being offered, you might be lucky.

5. Buy in the Christmas sales

You won’t necessarily find much left after Christmas, but you might be lucky to find some new baubles for a bargain price. Try Paperchase, John Lewis or Marks & Spencer for good quality at lower prices, or try your local garden centre.

6. Look in discount stores

If you’re just looking for a change in base colour to complement a few key neutral baubles, then try discount style places which sell cheap baubles in large multipacks. These are a great way to fill gaps in a tree, especially if you’ve changed to a larger tree and don’t have enough ornaments. Or to start building a collection in a different colour scheme.  Try places like The Works*, B&M, The Range, Poundstretcher, Home Bargains, or Poundland type of stores. Alternatively you might get lucky in the supermarkets.

How do you change up your Christmas tree decorations at other seasonal times of the year?

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