Santa with finger to his lips to shush someone

He knows about Father Christmas – spoiler if kids are reading!

I’m surprised it went on so long, but now I know for sure that N knows about Father Christmas. He wasn’t subtle about telling me he knew either.

I thought a couple of years ago that he was starting not to believe in Santa.  

Last year he must have known because he kept asking a lot of questions. It felt like he was trying to point out all the logical and practical reasons why Father Christmas couldn’t be real. But then he would answer the questions himself as if convincing himself that all was ok.

Santa with finger to his lips to shush someone

Other than the questions, he’s got older cousins. I always imagined one of them would make it slip. Or someone at school.

I thought the teachers in Year 6 would have asked them to ‘continue the magic’ for the younger children in case those who knew let it out, but it seems not. So despite all his questions, I was never quite sure.

This year I was trying to decide if I was going to bring up the topic of Father Christmas. Being at secondary school I thought he should know it if he didn’t already.

But I didn’t need to explain anything. Instead we were out shopping and looking at Christmas displays when N announced, loudly, that this was the sort of stuff that parents put in stockings on behalf of Father Christmas.

I was trying to get him to keep his voice down in case other children were nearby. But once he’d let me know he’s not stopped telling me every time we’re looking at Christmas displays. The Blenheim Palace light trail was another.

Evidently the reason for him not letting on was that it might have meant fewer presents. Not stupid, was he?!

Since his announcement I’ve been told he knows at every opportunity. But he has also wanted reassurance that he’ll still get a stocking.

Of course, because the stocking (and all the surprises in it) is one of the best things about Christmas. It helps keep the magic.

He’s on board with keeping some of the magic, and has said he’ll be more careful in who he’s around when talking about Father Christmas to keep the belief.

So this will be the first year of having a non believer. 

How did yours find out, and when?

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  1. Large boy knows too. He bloody shouted “but he’s scientifically impossible” in front of his 7 yr old brother at the dinner table. I said that was just his opinion and asked small boy what he thought (he said he’s not sure either way). After small boy had gone to bed we had a word with large boy. We confirmed that it is parents rather than Santa but that he mustn’t spoil the fun for his brother. He’s been really good since then about not challenging the story and agreeing that Santa uses the alarm sensors to keep an eye on everyone.

  2. N did really well believing for so long. I think my eldest stopped believing when she was in year 6 but kept the secret so not to ruin it for her sister. Now they’re non-believers it’s so much easier organising Christmas, I don’t have to hide so much. hehehe x

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