snowy garden with fence and hill behind

Project 52 2022 week 50

It’s week 50 of Project 52, and we’re on rapid countdown. I’ve now finished work, and the first first term of school is completed too. It’s been a super chilly week, hopefully for the thaw to come.

Sunday seemed to be the start of Christmas in our house.  It snowed quite a bit from 9.30 through to about 4.  It looks pretty but I’m concerned that the roads will be lethal for school tomorrow, and I’ve no idea whether the local bus service we use will come through the village. Our county is rubbish at gritting, but the county the school is in, is really good, so we might be having to get to the main road to a different village to drop N. N went out sledging with the dogs, and spent most of the afternoon shovelling and playing in it.

He also made another batch of mince pies.  And I put the Christmas tree up. I’m not sure how long the OH will let me put the lights on for, but it’s up and looks lovely.

On Monday we were on panic mode early trying to work out if the bus was going to be running, and if the school was still open. Thankfully all the Oxfordshire roads round by us were pretty well gritted including outside ours, so the bus ran fine. It made a change from normal because it was the next county where there was less gritted. N went out sledging in the village with his friends after school. 

Tuesday, N’s bus got stuck behind 2 lorries which had slid off the road while trying to pass each other. The bus also ended up needing to be towed off the side too – a tractor thankfully came and did the job. So they were late to school. Another after school sledging session for N. 

On Wednesday, it seemed even colder than previously. I did step outside at lunchtime after the fog lifted and blue skies emerged. It was good for photos, although nothing is melting still. Going out again to get N from the bus stop, I had to re-defrost my windscreen. N had a friend come for sledging on our hill although they didn’t stay up long because it was just too cold for them.

Thursday I was back in the office. Yay. It was for our Christmas afternoon session and social. I met quite a few new people – we’ve had a lot of new starters this year – won the Christmas ‘networking’ bingo, and had a good natter to lots of people I’ve not seen for ages. I think it’s the first time since being in this job I’ve actually been to the Christmas do, and I’m pleased I went in.

On Friday it was my last working day before Christmas. Lots got done although I did end up working later than my finish time. N finished school early – they catch the local bus rather than school bus so all got walked into the centre to catch it. But the bus was cancelled due to sick drivers. I had to head out and do the 30 min round trip to pick him and a friend up. I also had to book for N’s parents evening. Very easily done online, automatically for all 13 teachers within the 1 hour and 5 minutes I wanted.

The weather did get above freezing today, so the snow has fallen off trees and the football goal.

Saturday actually got above 0C, so the thaw had started (slightly). We did some final Christmas shopping (and birthday shopping for January). N decided to negotiate and agree a new pocket money contract. If he does the 3 things he needs to do to get his pocket money, I’ll be soooo happy.  At the last minute we decided to go and watch the Tractor Run.  It went into town in a new route, and it was packed there. But it was lots of fun.

snowy garden with fence and hill behind

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  1. Hope you’re enjoying being off for Christmas. We’ve still got a couple of days of term left here. The snow looks so pretty. We had a bit less than that. Glad the buses were still running with the snow although not good that they got stuck behind the lorries. #project365

    1. Thankfully they ended up closing that road out of that village because it was just too dangerous. So unusual that that was the county who ended up not gritting, while ours had done all the bus routes.

  2. We haven’t had any snow here at all. We’ve had thick frost but no proper snow which seems unfair considering how cold it has been. It sounds like N has had lots of fun with the sledging.

    1. It’s only just started going today with the rain, but even that’s taken a lot longer than I expected. It’s not often it hangs around so long. Hopefully that’s it for us this winter

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