50Books2013 Challenge: June round up

I have to admit to being very slack again this month.  I think I’m reading lots because I have my Kindle beside the bed, but in reality I’m getting tied up with Candy Crush and then being so tired, my eyes won’t stay open enough to read.  Add to that a dodgy eye early in the month which made reading a strain, and I’ve not really read much at all.

I still seem to be on track having completed 30+ books, so here’s my thoughts on my June books:

Paul Pilkington – The One I Love / The One I Fear

These books (first followed by sequel), are pretty easy going, although a bit creepy in places.  The relationships between family and partner/ex are explored as the story unveils, and you feel for Emma, an upcoming actress with a past involving a stalker.

They’re a bit up and down with the story jumping from one possible culprit to another, but compared to some books, I did at least find that all the characters had a reason for being there, and the relationships all made sense.

I found I was always one step ahead in anticipation, so it’s a great feeling to know that your instincts are correct when you find out who’s causing all the angst.  There are a few unexplained parts by the end, but overall it tied in well, and having one book with a sequel made more sense than dragging out a second story within one novel.

Gretchen Galway – This Time next Door

Chick lit with a difference in that both hero and heroine have confidence issues…she being overweight (although it made me wonder how overweight or whether it was just in her mind) with lots of past relationship issues including one a bit too close to home.  He, the super geek from next door with something to hide (or seemingly more than one thing…what the relevance was of being scared of blood I have no idea!).

Easy and enjoyable enough romp through their journey from friendship to more.  A bit far-fetched, but I guess most novels are.  Would happily pick up another of her books if I had a spare couple of hours.

Simon Kernow – The Debt

I really need to look more carefully when I’m buying ebooks.  This was another I picked up from a new author to me, and ended up being a short story, so I didn’t add it to my books.

Think debt collector bully boys, gangs, master criminals, and a former boxer turned involuntary vigilante trying to sort out a family problem single handed.  It’s not my usual read, and I was a bit concerned (having downloaded it a while back) on reading the first page that I wouldn’t get into it (hadn’t realised at that stage it was a short story).  But it was a whirlwind story, better for being short and (not-so) sweet.  I’d probably pick up more Kernow novels if I spotted them.

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