boardwalk across the lake at Wicksteed park

Project 52 2019 week 8 – boardwalk

Going into half term week, and it started off a bit of a disaster with illness wiping it out for N. Here’s our week 8 of Project 52.

Sunday was a busy day. N had a friendly matchplay tournament at a nearby tennis club, and this time had to play up into mini orange level as there weren’t enough reds registered to play. He did pretty well, winning 2 matches, and having good matches with points in every other match. He also won one of his doubles matches. He really enjoys these, and they’re great for giving him the chance to play other people outside of his club and league.

In the evening I left them tea, then headed over to Warwick Arts Centre to see Brendan Cole’s Show Man show. It was a great show, brilliant dancing, amazing singing and nice to hear him talk about dance, life and Strictly.

Monday, I was meant to be back at work and N was going to be out on the farm with his dad. They went out at 6.30 to do a delivery, but N was brought back ill. I had to get into work to pick up my laptop so I could work from home. He spent the day on the sofa in front of the tv and tablet, sleeping for 2.5 hours with a temperature. Calpol wasn’t doing much good, and he was going through boxes of tissues. Anyone else have a child who uses a tiny bit of a tissue before getting a new one?

Tuesday was another day working at home. N was a bit better, and thankfully his temperature came down mid morning. It seems his cold just really hit him hard, probably due to school being over for the week and having time to stop and relax. The OH blamed it on me taking him out all over the place at the weekend, but 1 hour playing tennis on Saturday, 2.5 hours on Sunday – both at N’s asking and within 7 miles away, doesn’t class as taking him all over the place. I don’t get him up at 6.30 in the morning to go out on the farm.

Wednesday was the start of my leave. We had a chilling out day at home to make sure N was properly better before we headed out and about. He was happy enough, and getting back to full form, although not back to eating his usual amount.

Thursday we decided to head to Wicksteed Park. Not every ride was open, but it was a beautiful day, there was an offer on wristbands, so we still got our money’s worth. I’ve ended up with bruised knees from doing the tree top walk and having to crawl through tunnels. My kneeds are definitely not made for that! Somewhere we’ll definitely head back to in the summer when there’s more open.

Friday N wanted to go to London. Usually he turned his nose up at going, but he’d decided he wanted to visit M&Ms World after seeing it on a Youtube channel he watches. We went to the Natural History Museum and down to Greenwich as well. Unfortunately his dislike of going on boats continued and he refused to go on the Cutty Sark, so we did the National Maritime Museum instead. It was a long day, but basically all free apart from our train ticket and lunch.

Saturday I wanted a day at home because I thought I was coming down with N’s virus. I’m hot, hardly slept from being too hot, and have had a headache for 2 days. But he wanted to go out to the zoo. Twycross was fully booked, so we went to Cotswold Wildlife Park instead. It was another good day, but Sunday will definitely be a stay at home day before work and school starts again.

This week’s photo was taken at Wicksteed Park overlooking the boardwalk, taken from the train ride.

boardwalk across the lake at Wicksteed park
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  1. Sorry to hear N wasn’t well but glad he recovered for when you were off and were able go out. We normally visit Wicksteed Park every year. The kids love it.

  2. Aww poor N, hope he is on the mend. Sounds like a good half term. Such a gorgeous view in that photo. And well done to N on the tennis xx #365

  3. The bugs have certainly been doing the rounds. It is scary when they have a high temperature and you’ve done all you can to help and not felt it working #365

  4. Great tennis results, shame about his illness.
    It is toilet roll in this house when DD2, SIL2 and Ziggy are down. – we normally go though a roll in 6 days, when they are here we go through a roll a day.
    Hope you don’t come down with the virus.
    Guess you are not keen on N going out on the farm.

  5. So many people with bugs and colds at the moment. We seem to have had a constant cold since the start of the year. Shame about the Cutty Sark as they’ve done such a good job of it. We’ve not been in the maritime museum or Wicksteed. #365

  6. Sorry to hear N was unwell. It sounds like you made up for it with some good days out afterwards. There’s so much to do in London and we don’t go in enough. It’s great when it works out inexpensive. Great shot from the train when I try mine always end up blurry! Xx

  7. I’m glad N wasn’t ill for too long, it sounds like you still managed to fit in plenty over the half term. Well done to him for the tennis. My daughter wanted to go to London too, but I had to work. I always think M&Ms World looks horrendous!

  8. Well done to N with the tennis!
    Poor N, I think you are right that when he finished school for the holidays he had time to relax and be ill. I know if I am busy I am fine but if I stop I will come down with something. I’m glad it was a short illness and he could enjoy most of half term.
    Such a lovely photo! A gorgeous view!

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