Flower photography challenge prompts - Bubbablue and me

Flower photography challenge – looking at flowers differently

I’m looking forward to the arrival of spring. Winter is such a hard time to take photos when you’re at work all day, unless you want to take studio photos, or dark moody shots.  But if you want fresh outdoor, bright colours, you really do have to wait until the flowers are all in bloom.

I had planned to buy more bunches of flowers through the winter but that didn’t quite happen. So I’ve taken very few photos over the winter season and want to get back into it.  I’ve not even joined in any challenges in the Facebook photography groups I’m in, and not inspired to do the monthly themed challenges in my work photography club. A severe lack of motivation going on.

Flower photography challenge prompts - Bubbablue and me

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One of the things I love to take photos of is flowers.  My favourites are macro shots but having done an art of flower photography course (well, 75% of it), I wanted to try and challenge myself to look at flowers differently and try some different shots. As part of the course I’d done some indoor/studio shots I really liked, although the whole arranging thing wasn’t of any interest.  But now I can get outside again, I’d like to try some of the outdoor lessons and increase my repertoire of what I can photograph well.

As well as getting the flowers perfectly composed and lit, there’s so many options to change things up – using composition rules in my flower photography, doing proper floral flatlays, using more of my different lenses rather than sticking to my macro lens all the time.

I want to explore the use of light, different times of day, distance and close up shots, movement and lots more.  I’ve pulled together a checklist of different ideas and prompts. I can choose to do a prompt on one trip out, or take the checklist out with me and try different ideas when I’m out and about.

If you fancy trying out the challenge or some of the prompts, download the printable flower photography challenge checklist, right click or screenshot the image and save to your phone to have with you to refer to.  I’ve linked to any techniques for more information, if you’re starting out or need some more guidance.

Flower photography challenge prompts

  • Fill the frame
  • In threes
  • Diagonals
  • Wildflowers
  • Negative space
  • Black and white
  • Looking up
  • Pattern
  • Movement
  • Field of flowers
  • Depth of field
  • Silhouette
  • Backlit / Contrajour
  • Arrangement
  • Single flower
  • Flatlay
flower photography challenge

Useful resources for flower photography

Emma Davies photography – Emma runs the free A Year with my Camera course aiming to get people off autophotography, and has a very detailed Art of Flower Photography course which I beta tested. She also co-hosts flower field shoots in the summer months. You can buy her A Year with my Camera book if you prefer offline instuction.

Beginner flower photography tips and how to shoot flowers from Digital Photography School.

How to’s and case studies for creative flower photography.

21 tips for creative photos of flowers

Let me know if you do some of the challenge over the year, and if you’ve any flower photography tips.

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