Shipston poppy display falling from the church

Project 52 2018 week 45 – Remembrance day 100 years

Week 45 of Project 52 and I wasn’t sure if I’d get a photo up.  I had plans for this photo, but the weekend has been so busy (and not with much other than the usual chores) that I debaed just doing 2 weeks next time. But here I am.

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N’s has a busy week. He was singing in the Children singing for children concert in th big church in town on Monday. A lovely chance to see and hear them sing and take me back to my youth singing in the school choir.  He does love singing and he’s already moved on to Christmas songs – Gaudete being the first, so he’s now obsessed with finding every version of it online.

On Friday N had a school trip to Oxford’s Natural History Museum. He’s been there before but some time ago, it reminds me there’s lots of places we need to return to.  He had a great time.

The rest of the week was quite normal for us. It finished with a meal at my brother in law’s for his birthday. We couldn’t get a baby sitter for the first time, but was able to take N with us. He was happy to spend time with his cousin – they spent a couple of hours watching Strictly (something he won’t do at home) and chatting away before going to bed around 9pm. I had to wake N after 11 so we could go home. Poor thing, I felt bad having to wake him up, but luckily he’s good when he wakes up and has no problems going off to sleep again once in his own bed. He still woke at 6.15ish, and was bright and breezy right up til bedtime. Let’s hope it doesn’t catch up with him when back at school.

This week’s photo was taken in a small town near us. We turned the corner to notice this beautiful display for Remembrance Day and the 100 years since the end of World War I. The displays in villages and towns have been quite moving to see. They’ve definitely encouraged N to ask more questions, although over the last couple of months he has said he’s having nightmares about the wars. Hopefully he’s got through that now.

Shipston poppy display falling from the church
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  1. THere have been so many lovely poppy displays. Well done N, I know a few people who had kids in that concert. My son stayed up on Saturday too to watch the Festival of Remembrance and he was also awake at normal time #365

    1. Sometimes it’d just be nice for them to sleep in a bit wouldn’t it. Although at least mine does go downstairs and sort himself out if needed.

  2. Nice to take him with you for the evening with his cousins.
    Loving the pics on people blogs and time lines of the poppies on buildings.

  3. The poppy displays around the world have been stunning. Glad you were able to take N with you for the birthday dinner, so good of him to sleep like that also

  4. That is a stunning display. It’s hard to get the balance right with talking to kids about war and horrible things that happen – it’s important that they’re aware, but you don’t want to upset them. How lovely to hear N singing in the choir!

    1. It is. Although he’s always watched the news with us, and things about terrorism have never bothered him. I’d have thought that would have been more ‘now’ than worrying about a war that happened years ago.

  5. Gaudete is my favourite Christmas carol, it always sends shivers down my spine, such a beautiful music. I wish Eddie agreed to sing in choir, I’d love him to, but he refuses.
    Well done to N for singing in the big event, it must have been very special.
    The poppy displays throughout the country are very moving.

    1. It used to be one of my favourites, but it’s wearing on me now. Only another month or so to hear it! N only joined in the last 3 weeks of this year. I’m surprised he stuck it out, but he’s really enjoying it.

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