calendula in the garden

Project 52 2018 week 20 – floral days

This week’s Project 52, and it’s been a busy one.

Work’s not calmed down yet – 3 days of painful forecasting, prep for a key meeting and trying to get on top of everything else going on. Lots of people are feeling really stressed and managers are keeping an eye on everyone. I have to say I’m quite enjoying the challenge. It’s been a long time since I’ve worked so hard and it’s nice to have the ownership to make the decisions on what we need to do. But I’m also good at saying no and pushing back where needed, so I’m still mostly keeping to my normal hours.

N’s had a busy week too.  It’s been SATs week for many children. N hasn’t been phased, so I’m pleased he’s just going about his usual school work.

With all the good weather, the week’s ended with sileaging on the farm. It’s N’s favourite time of year seeing all the tractors and trailers coming in and out of the yard, seeing the forage harvester out in the fields and getting to ride up onto the top of the clamp.

Needless to say I mostly watched the royal wedding on my own with N dipping in and out a bit.  Didn’t they look happy?

calendula in the garden
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  1. Nice that he is not worried about the exams.
    The sillaging is amazing to watch, like some choreography as they dance round the fields with each trailer in the right place and the swap overs are so graceful, we use to love watching it on the farm. In fact we have some on video for Bob as he loved watching them.
    They did look happy.

  2. Good on you being able to pit your foot down and not do too many extra hours. I am like you and love a challenge at work but often overwork in the past.

  3. Watched the royal wedding but had to duck out at the vital part to drop the eldest to her class….had to put it on record and catch up!

  4. Glad to hear N wasn’t phased with the SATS. We watched the Royal Wedding also, hadn’t planned to, but found BBC coverage on a local channel

  5. Work sounds challenging, but good to hear that you’re taking it in your stride. I did enjoy watching the Royal Wedding! I hadn’t expected to enjoy it that much. My kids got a bit bored, but that’s fine!

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