Different types of children at parties - Bubbablue and me

16 different types of children at parties

We’ve been to a few children’s parties in the last few years, as well as having our own, and bringing different (especially young) children together who may not know each other, certainly brings out the different personalities and behaviours.  I’ve seen children totally change from their normal selves to act in a totally different way once they’re let loose on party equipment or around balloons or party entertainers.

Different types of children at parties - Bubbablue and me

Types of children at kids parties

1, The ‘in everything’ / hyperactive child

They’re all over the place as soon as they get in the door. Into the present table, over to the food, running round getting other children to join them, up in the face of the entertainer. Their voice is the one that’s heard all the time. They’re excitable for the whole party.

2, The get on with it child

They come to every party, but not because they want to, but because the parents want to have 2 hours free of children while someone else has their child. Usually they’ll take part, but look like they can’t be bothered to be there.

3, The grouch

Everything is wrong for them. The party isn’t how they’d do it and they moan about everything: other children, the unfairness of prizes, the party games, the music.

4, The commentator

There’s always one child who chats throughout. Usually talking non-stop to the party entertainer or the parents hosting the party. They’ll talk through the meal telling other children everything else that’s going on.

5, The hoover

This child eats everything put in front of them. Once everyone else has left the table, they’re still there, working their way through the platefuls of sandwiches while everyone else is off playing party games.

6, The princess

The one who thinks they should be the birthday child, they spend much of the party trying to organise what everyone is doing and hosting the party themselves.

7, The clinger on

The one who won’t let their parent leave and just hides behind thhem the whole time.

8, The fussy eater

Won’t eat anything even though their parents confirmed they eat most things. Won’t accept any alternatives either.

9, The fancy dress fan

This child turns up in fancy dress even when there’s no theme. Even when they get past the cute fancy dress age.

10, The quiet one

They won’t talk to anyone or take part in the activities. They just want to sit alone in quiet. They don’t like the disco

11, Personality change child

Usually quiet but give them things to bounce on and lots of sugar and they have a personality transplant

12, Party bag fiend

Sniffs out the party bags as soon as they arrive. Has no shame in doing so, and comments as they rootle through it as they’re leaving.

13, The one with a sibling

There’s quite often one child who arrives with an uninvited sibling in tow, where the parent hasn’t checked in advance with the party host.

14, The one who never makes it

I expect many parents have expected children at a party only for them not to turn up on the day. Not so bad when you get a call or text to apologise and they’re ill. But when you just don’t hear, have no apology or are given an excuse that the family double booked and had a better offer…

15, The antisocial one

The child who refuses to go to parties. Because they’re scared, or because they aren’t theme fans or fancy dress children.

16, The polite child

The perfect party child, takes part in everything, eats nicely, says thanks without being forced to.

N is a real mix of these. He used to be the antisocial one (not a fan of superheroes, hates Frozen etc), then when he did go to parties he wouldn’t join in and would stick to me like glue.  Now I’d like to think he’d be the polite child, but really he’s the hoover.  Very little food goes to waste when N is at a party.

Where do your children sit in this list?

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  1. Great post. It made me giggle then made me nervous. My 4yr old has a birthday in June & 7yr old in July… Thanks for reminding me what I am in for 😉 #TheListLinky

    1. We have to have some kind of laugh about parties. They’re so much stress sometimes, but watching how kids interact is so interesting

  2. Mine is only 18 months. At this point, she’s very observant. Is a little afraid to take part in activities, but she warms up to it. I can’t wait to see what she ends up becoming!

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