Blenheim palace hall decorated for christmas with 2 trees

Project 52 2019 week 48 – Christmas begins

Well, autumn’s just about over and we’re into the Christmas run up. Here’s our week 48 for Project 52.

On Sunday, N had the local matchplay tournament. We thought there were going to be 8 entered for his level, but 3 didn’t turn up. Frustrating when 2 who did aren’t officially the level which means those matches don’t count for children who are at that level. N had a terrible first game – obviously wasn’t properly warmed up – but won all 3 of his other singles matches. Including for the first time against one of his friends from his club. Three of them tied for points in the round robin, so were given joint 1st place. N was the only one to win three matches, the others only won two matches though.

Monday, not much went on. Just school and work, which was really quiet because quite a few people who sit round by me were on a course most of the week.

Tuesday was more of the same, although I got to catch up with my friend when I went to pick up N from their house. Always nice to have a chat.

On Wednesday, N started combing his hair. We’ve never really combed or brushed it because it just flops into position. But he’s got it a bit longer at the moment and likes it, so has been comedy styling it each evening after his shower. It looks nice a little longer, but the back and round his ears make it look messy. He just needs some gel because his hair won’t stay in any style other than floppy.

I had a flexi day off work on Thursday. Usually N still goes to after school club which means I have all day to do everything I need to, but he got wise to my day off this time and decided he wanted picking up at school pick up time instead. I went to Blenheim Palace in the morning to see the Alice in Wonderland in the palace. It was stunning as expected, and emptier than last year – day times on weekdays are definitely the days to go. The rest of the day I picked up deliveries from various different shops, picked up a form for the OH and did some food shopping. I didn’t have time for any blogging which was annoying.

On Friday it was back to work. N did dance at school which he said was fun. The OH was shooting so N had requested the chilli con carne he’d done at school in his cooking lesson. The OH won’t eat chilli, so we don’t get to eat it usually. N cooked it himself (with just a bit of help) and it was really nice. Just a bit more cajun seasoning needed.

N also had tennis – there was only 4 of them, and his usual coach wasn’t there so the main coach took the session. It’s good for him to see how the children are doing. They all got to play him in a game. He also had a word with N about playing in tournaments, and got him to agree to do at least 2 next year. He even offered to come along with him. Of course, whether it’ll happen with trying to coordinate dates will be another thing!

Saturday was the usual. Quick nip into town then swimming lesson. I can’t believe next week is fun swim, and today was enrollment for next term. A bargain £47 – although I’m still convinced they’ve totted that up wrong. I’m not complaining though. We spent the rest of the day at home. I did jigsaw puzzles and read, while N went out with my brother – a bit of target shooting which he loves having a go at.

Blenheim palace hall decorated for christmas with 2 trees
Blenheim Palace set up for Alice in Wonderland Christmas theme

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  1. great tennis and nice to play different people and have a different tutor occasionally
    Great to get some jigsaw time. Sneaky getting wise to your time off and want picking up.

  2. Well done on the winning the matches but it is really frustrating when kids don’t turn up.

    That display at Bleinham Palace looks amazing!

  3. Wow, that display at Blenheim Palace is stunning. It sounds like another good tennis week for N. It is frustrating when kids don’t turn up for things. We get this a lot with football and there were even kids asking if they could turn up late to the dress rehearsal of panto! Panto is 100% commitment for rehearsals and performances.

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