running around the trampoline

Trendy Tuesday – polo shirt and chinos

I don’t often get behind with washing but when the aga’s off in the summer, it does take ages for clothes to dry even with two clothes horses going. Bed linen’s the worst as it needs so much space, but this week I found N was running short of clean clothes…well, he’s got tonnes of clothes but most of the clean ones are the next size up.

The weather’s also been funny.  This weekend he’d been back in trousers again which seemed a bit silly as it was still warm, but he was happy to wear long trousers again.  Really, I should just put him in shorts depending on the season – so shorts til September, then it would be less difficult as the trousers could just get packed away.

Now the Autumn/Winter collections are in the stores, I have to remember that apart from a big warm winter coat and maybe some socks, jogging bottoms/jeans, he’s probably already set for the winter including his next size up.  I did find a coat in Next’s new season which he had similar in blue this year.  For a Next item, I love the blue version he has now as you’d expect to see it everywhere being from a popular high street store, but so far I’ve not seen anyone with it.  Mind you, this season’s version is orange, so it’ll be obvious that’s where it’s from.  Hopefully he’ll get lots of wear out of it like this one – it’s quite a lightweight coat, so Spring through to Autumn, but it’ll last him well into this time next year if not longer by the time he’s grown into it!

Today he’s been in chino shorts.  I love these style of shorts (well, really I love him in any shorts), because they tend to come up a more reasonable length on him, instead of being more liked cropped trousers with his short legs.  There’s a brilliant choice of colours in store as well – we’ve got a mix of Sainsbury’s ones, and think he’s got a Tesco pair in grey as well (forgot to roll up the bottoms so these are still looking long).   Topped off with a polo shirt and his car jacket – great for summer as it gives a bit more warmth without being too thick.

practising scooter riding in the house
scooting around on gravel
running around the trampoline
  • Shorts – Tu @ Sainsbury’s
  • T-shirt – Next
  • Jacket – Tots Bots
  • Sandals – Chipmunk
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