Trendy Thursday (or Friday!) – a week of jumpers

While I love N in shorts and t-shirts, I love it when the weather turns and we can get all the stripy jumpers out of his drawers.  With lots of navy, burgundy and denim on the bottom half, it’s nice to get some stripes and a bit of colour.

Since the coloured chinos and cords got more readily available though, I do find sometimes we struggle as N doesn’t really have any plain jumpers which proves a problem when he’s in turquoise or terracotta coloured trousers!

This week’s definitely been a week of jumpers.

Most have been last year’s which mostly still fit, although the big chunky beige one was a Gap purchase during their 30% VIP offer a few weeks ago.  His Grandma bought him a red version last Christmas, so I was pleased to see the beige option given his red one’s a bit on the small side now.

toddler stripy jumper
Eating as usual
Jumper: F&F, Tesco
Gap fisherman's jumper
Love this chunky beige jumper.
Beige pullover: Gap
Blue zoo jumper
Eating again
Colourful stripy jumper: Blue Zoo at Debenhams

As you can see, there’s a lot of stripes going on.

I do find that even the cheapy supermarket jumpers tend to last well.  Much better than I find jumpers that I buy for myself (even expensive ones that I treat myself to, I end up getting holes in after a relatively short time).

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    1. Definitely a stripe fan here. I guess for boys, it’s either stripes or characters, so there’s not much getting away from them if you’re not keen. (I think he’s lush too, but I’m biased!). thanks for popping by

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