Master No – the answer’s ‘no’

We have a bit of a ‘no man’ at the moment.  I might change N’s name to Master No.

It all started with the swimming meltdown at the weekend, but it’s now followed through to nursery.

I’m trying to get N understanding the days of the week so he can remember that he does 3 days at his day nursery, 2 days at his nursery school and then the weekend at home with us.  Mostly he’s pretty good at remembering if I tell him what day it is, where he’ll be going.  It’s generally weekends that he wakes up and thinks he’s going to nursery…great on the one hand to hear he loves nursery so much, but bad as a parent to think that for him that’s the norm during the week.

But this morning we had lots of no’s.

No, he didn’t want to get dressed (usually I just struggle to get socks on, but today once we’d got over the having to change from a night nappy to a pull up, that was fine.  He even managed to find matching socks in the drawer himself)

No, he didn’t want breakfast at nursery (ok, so he quite frequently has a quick something before going to have breakfast at his day nursery)

No, he didn’t want to put on his shoes or coat

No, he wasn’t going to nursery.

‘You’ll have to stay here on your own then, because mummy has to go to work and daddy’s already at work’.

‘Don’t want to go to nursery’.

‘Why not? Your friends are there, you’ll be able to play with them and go and have some breakfast’.

Thankfully, today we didn’t have tears, just a few no’s.  Once he’d got over that, I was able to pick up his coat and all was fine.

Then in the car, the no’s started again.

‘Don’t want to go to nursery’.

‘Hard luck, it’s Wednesday, you go to nursery on that day’.

Of course, as soon as we pull into the drive, go past the sheep and park up, he’s changed his mind and he’s chattering about who’s car he can see and that he wants to carry his bag in.  The staff open the door, and he steps in, removes his coat, opens the gate and runs off into get his breakfast.

You’d never have been able to tell what he’d been going on about only 2 minutes earlier!

Do you get any ‘yes’ from your little ones or are they big on ‘no’ too?

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