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Project 52 2019 week 35 – Windermere

We’ve had a great week this week. Starting with the bank holidays, then heading off for a short break up north for the end of the summer holidays.

Here’s our week 35. Fun but tiring, and N said he really missed his dad as he couldn’t come due to all the work needing doing on the farm.

On Sunday, we pretty much vegetated. N went out on the farm for a bit, he helped with chores, doing the vacuuming because the OH told him he’d give him £10 for it, if he did the whole house. Because he thought my 50p for tidying the back room was a bit cheap. He also folded his dry washing to get his full week pocket money plus extra for chores. It meant he had enough money to buy the xbox that he wanted, after I realised I had £20 of Nectar points he could use in Argos.

Monday was xbox buying day. We had to order it in store, then return later because neither Banbury store had the bundle in. N was so chuffed to have saved for this console, but then we had a nightmare trying to set it up as it just hung at one stage, then turned off never to come back on again. I despaired. I was in a foul mood, trying to sort that out (Microsoft will never log me in so there was lots of password resetting across all the millions of devices I login on.

Then my brother turned up at teatime and told me I was obviously stressed out – er yes, trying to get everything backed for going away, cooking tea, saving the OH’s for him to have later, trying to set up a console that wasn’t working and listening to him. Oh, and I was hot as well. So no reason to be frustrated. I’m hoping one of the nephews will come over to fix the xbox and factory reset it. I want nothing more to do with it as it’s already caused me angst.

On Tuesday, N and I headed up to the Lake District. We stayed in a beautiful hotel resort just outside Ambleside. It overlooked the lake and marina, so was a lovely view. The first afternoon we pottered til the room was ready, down by the water. Then N went in the swimming pool – he was the only person in there – unfortunately it was busier later in the week. The evening we went for food in Ambleside and played crazy golf in the rain.

On Wednesday, it was a wet day on and off. Thankfully just showers, rather than us getting a drenching, and the slightly cooler temperature up there suited me much better than the heat of the south. I dragged N to the Pencil Museum (admittedly a little dull for him), the Puzzling Place which we both loved. Both were in Keswick.

We crammed in a quick trip to the Lake District Wildlife Park, where we spent a lot of time watching the meerkats. Again N wanted to go swimming after, so we both had a swim and muck around in the hotel pool. Tea was pizza in Bowness.

Thursday we knew the weather was going to be dry all day so decided we’d do activities at Brockholes Lake District visitor centre. We arrived early so played a bit of a wet crazy golf – one of the most pretty golf set ups I’d seen as it was a Beatrix Potter themed. Then N was booked on the Crazibug junior off roading vehicles (I so wanted to have a go on an adult version) which he loved.

We both had a go at archery afterwards. It was great fun, although my left shoulder is now killing me – still 2 days afterwards, so I’m hoping that, plus quite a bit of lazy swimming hasn’t damaged it. The afternoon we had time to fit in the Lakes Aquarium, before another swim and N’s first sit in a jacuzzi which he loved.

On Friday we checked out of the hotel and headed to Blackpool early, so we could fit in lots of the Merlin attractions. We enjoyed going up the Blackpool Tower, although were rushed too fast into the 4D cinema and not given glasses, so it was pointless. N didn’t want to grab glasses and stay in again, so that was frustrating. I loved seeing the Tower Ballroom again. It seemed a lot smaller than I remember when I went there for my first dance weekender about 11 years ago.

We also did the Sea Life Centre which we always love, and Madame Tussauds. I’m glad we got a good deal on tickets because Madame Tussauds was a bit wasted on N. He knew fewer of the people than I thought he would and got a bit bored. But at least it was cheaper and less waiting in queues than taking him to the London one.

We checked into the hotel and went for another swim before heading to Coral Island for food and amusements play. I’d hoped that we’d stay out til the illuminations switch on (I’d only realised it was the night we were there after booking) but because N had wanted an early tea it meant he wanted to go back to the hotel 40 minutes before lights switch on. I was quite gutted to have missed it. But we did walk along the prom to catch the tram back and got to hear Nina Nesbit and Busted playing at the switch on concert.

Saturday was going home day. We were heading to Blackpool Pleasure Beach and Ripleys Believe it or Not before going home. We had a bit of time walking on the beach first, but then the weather got worse – it tipped it down for nearly 2 hours, so we were a bit wet, and didn’t get on many rides. I’d only paid for a few ride tickets anyway, and N decided he only wanted to go on one with me, so that was nearly all the tickets gone, plus the free rides we could do as part of our general pass. We had a good journey back and it is nice to be home.

This week’s project 52 photo was taken from opposite our hotel, looking over the water sports area and marina at Lake Windermere.

lake windermere

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  1. Sounds like a great trip, we visited the Lake District for the first time earlier in the year and loved it. We will be back. I really fancy a trip to Blackpool and hoping to add it to the list for next year. Sorry you didn’t get to see the illuminations switch on – maybe an excuse to go back again.

  2. I do love Blackpool it is great fun, but never been to the Lake District. It always looks lovely. I hope you get the xBox sorted soon. xx

  3. The Lake District and Blackpool sound lovely, the weather seems to have been reasonable for the week. Hope the xbox is no finally sorted, I used to hate it when the kids had gadgets like that, that required adult set up, I never had a clue

  4. Hope you get the Xbox sorted out – I hate it when anything on ours requires Microsoft passwords. I’ve had problems with my password before and then they insist on a new password when you reset it. Sounds like you’ve had a good time in Blackpool despite the rain.

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