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School days – a quiz and detention

Like my week at work, N’s week at school has been busy. For many schools (and his) it was SATs week, plus the excitement of the royal wedding on the Saturday. A chance for the school to celebrate with a ‘picnic’ that turned out to be a cold buffet in the school hall which N was disappointed about. ‘It’s not a picnic indoors’. He didn’t moan about it being a cold lunch, so he obviously wasn’t that disappointed.

Here’s this week’s School Days.


The week didn’t start well. Telling me about his day at bedtime, N got quite upset. First of all it was because his group didn’t get to plant out their seeds while everyone else had done so. Then it came out that his group hadn’t all lined up as asked several times, and another teacher came out and told them they would be in with him at breaktime the next day.

N was so upset. He said he and his friend had lined up but got caught up in the others not doing so. His friend had also been upset. N couldn’t understand why they’d be missing detention when they had done as asked. As I’ve told him times before, sometimes these things happen, and the rest of the time he should just stay clear out of anyone playing around when they shouldn’t be.

I spoke to the TA who was sorting them out when it all happened, to find out what happened. She’d already spoken to N the next day because he was still a bit upset. They didn’t have to do their ‘detention’ because the teacher had to be elsewhere. I was sad for N. It’s not great being caught up in trouble, especially when he’s so proud of not having been in trouble before. It was all forgotten at school, so hopefully he’s now forgotten about it too.

reading outdoors

Blue cross animal care

Year 2 and 3 have had the Blue Cross in to talk to them about animal care. N wasn’t that excited about it. His version of pets isn’t quite the norm, given he has cows and sheep as well as dogs on the farm.


N swims with school, but this week they arrived to find the pool closed due to a sick child from the school before their session.  Not put off, they had a game of rounders instead. Give N a stick or racquet and a ball to hit and he’s happy. As soon as I was back from work, he’d set up a ’rounders’ pitch (with 6 bases!?) and expected me to play it with him. It turns out my previous ability to play rounders (I was even given rounders colours at secondary school!) is no longer there!

PTA quiz

I love a quiz, and this week was the school PTA quiz.  We’d got most of our team from before, although only 4 of us this time. I think we were the smallest team, but we did pretty well until the last round. We had been in second place most of the way through, then risked one answer in the wipe out round, and lost 8 points we would have had if we’d switched that out for another answer.  Oops. We still enjoyed it, although after 1 Prosecco, I felt rough the next day. I’m definitely going to have to become teetotal, or switch to Pimms all year round.

Lambing assembly

I always think N is quite shy, but then I’ve been in assemblies and he’s put up his hand to answer questions, even if the answers weren’t quite right. Good for him. I would never have done that when I was at school, even if I had known the answer.

This week was the youngest class assembly. The topic was lambing, presumably from their lambing visit to a farm last term. N and his cousin were supposedly nodding away throughout the assembly, although when I picked N up and we saw the nephew, they couldn’t stop talking about how the class got the colours wrong for singles and twins compared with the way we do it on our farm.

How’s school been going for your children?

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