clay hedgehog

School days – teachers’ gifts and VIP

It’s been another quiet school week this time.  N was pleased to get his Star of the week certificate from last week.  But there weren’t any trips or sports events this week.  It seemed to be full of lots of nativity performance practice.


It’s another week, and N was pleased to get VIP again. This time it was for English. I’m not sure what, but N seems to be picking up on his literacy side of things.  I think helped by grammar and reinforcing phonics rather than his creative writing (and lack of relating his spelling rules to his actual writing).

Police chat

This week the school had a policewoman come in for the children to ask questions to. N couldn’t remember what she talked about, and rambled a random anecdote about one of the older students getting involved with it. I couldn’t work out what went on – could have been a role play or god knows what.  Sometimes his commentary isn’t always the clearest.

Teachers gifts

N learn to crochet last week, a simple chain stitch. So he decided he was turning them into necklaces and he’d give them to his teacher and the TAs.  I’m hoping they were impressed with his attempts at crochet, and weren’t too put off by his gifts.  Teachers must end up with a lot of random homemade gifts from students.  I’m wondering whether I should be encouraging N not to give random gifts, but then I think it’d be a shame to stop him wanting to gift things to people.

Missing coat

We have our first missing item of clothing this year.  For forest school I send him in with a full change of clothes, his overalls or waterproof trousers, and his scruffy (old and soon to be outgrown) coat.  Only this week he managed to come home without it. The only problem is, he’s no idea where it went other than school. He managed to remember his twig hedgehog he’d made but of the coat there’s no sign.

clay hedgehog

N swears he brought it home, but that given I emptied his bags that evening and there was no coat, i’m guessing that means it’s been left in whatever farm vehicle the OH picked him up in and (like his good water bottle) there’ll be no further sign of it. This is why the OH shouldn’t pick N up from school. Because he’s no idea of what N goes into school with, and therefore doesn’t check anything.

That means N had to use his new school coat instead – unfortunately he doesn’t have any other waterproof old coats, and I don’t want him wrecking 2 further pieces.

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