2 sides of prospect hall inside with arched windows and sun shining in to make window shadows on the wooden floor

Project 52 2023 week 15

Week 15 for Project 52 was the second week of the Easter holidays and I was off work which was nice. We had a last minute break (with a mix of weather) at N’s surprising request.

Here’s our week.

Easter Sunday was a quiet one. The OH was working all day. N was chilling at home. He did announce that it would be good to go away in the week…after saying a while ago that he didn’t want to. So a couple of nights booked away for us this week, nothing like last minute bookings.

Bank holiday Monday was wet and blowy. We moved the table tennis table to the end of the garden up against the wall so hopefully it won’t topple over. N went to market with his uncle to see some of the cattle being sold. I reckon he just goes for the breakfast treat there! I went into town because I had to return something, and get N some new shorts. £1.10 to park for 16 minutes (much of which was walking to the centre), and it was a waste of time and money because Sports Direct didn’t have anything that I needed. I made coronation chicken as there wasn’t enough leftover chicken from the roast for a pie. And then used the leftover egg whites from pudding at the weekend to make some meringues. Yum.

Tuesday was the start of our mini break. We were very lucky because as soon as we got on the motorway as getting on at our junction missed a huge accident that had just happened. We got to Nottingham in good time, with plenty of time to explore Wollaton Hall grounds before our tour was booked at 11. N moans about tours, but this was just 3 of us turning up, and it’s great when you get to see places behind the scenes. 

We parked at the hotel then walked into the centre for lunch, finding our bearings before heading back to check in and swim. Well he swam (after they luckily allowed him to swim without me being in the pool itself because I’d lost my swimsuit that fits me and M&S didn’t have any suitable in my size). He seemed to enjoy it still though.

On Wednesday it was another day with lots of walking. We visited the City of Caves and went underground on the tour, then to the eccentric Robin Hood Experience. The afternoon was spent in Fun Station arcade, killing time before doing axe throwing. It was great fun although we didn’t do the full hour because N’s shoulder was hurting. Obviously it strains on younger people more as they use the same axes. Aching feet after all the walking, and a lovely meal out again in the evening.

Thursday we had a last breakfast (alongside some of the Somerset County Cricket team who were staying there ahead of their match), then checked out. N wanted to get back to the farm early, so there was no National Trust stop off on the way home. Instead, a detour to a second Sports Direct to get him some new astro trainers, having got football boots the day before. It was nice not to have a massive journey after a few days away, and nice to be unpacked fast.

On Friday it was an early wake up for my Tesco delivery. I spent a bit of time uploading clothes on Vinted. There seems to be a lot for N this time round, so hopefully the timing is good for selling shorts!

Saturday N was up early making more hot cross buns to give out to a couple of people It meant I was on my own to go into town. I had some threading done and went to the bakery stall on the market. For some reason (probably testing out the move back to Ringo), none of the market place ticket machines were working. As it’s short stay in the middle of town it’s expensive to park anyway at £1.10 for 30 mins, but adding on the 20p for Ringo too was annoying. People were leaving as they didn’t have smartphones or didn’t want to pay online, others were having to taking time downloadingthe app or ringing up. I use Ringo all the time, but usually it’s longer stay and not too bad adding on the small amount. Today it was too much to add on top. But needs must for my 15 mins in town!

I spent the afternoon doing some of my new Wasgij jigsaw and sorting out a huge list of musicals and theatre shows I want to see this year. It could be expensive, so I’ve bought an ATG membership card, and hopefully will get some discounts.

2 sides of prospect hall inside with arched windows and sun shining in to make window shadows on the wooden floor

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  1. Your last minute mini break to Nottingham sounds lovely and relaxing. I hate the pay by mobile parking only as I have a pay SIM card and no credit on it (just a package) so can never pay. It used to irritate when when the kids were teens as I couldn’t go out for long and leave them as they never wanted to come with me

  2. A mini-break sounds wonderful, Nottingham is my list and the City of Caves sounds fun. The kids are reaching an age where they don’t want to hand around with us now, it is hard when they don’t want to join in, isn’t it?

  3. Sorry to hear it wasn’t a great reason to take a short break but I hope you did still enjoy yourself. I have heard of places doing axe throwing. It sounds like a different activity to try. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

    1. The axe throwing was great fun. Quite often they’re for 14 years+ so it was nice to have one that N was old enough for

  4. Glad you got to go away for a short break even if N only suggested it because he doesn’t want to go away over the summer. Sounds like you had a nice time. Axe-throwing sounds interesting. Frustrating when parking machines aren’t working especially when there’s the extra fee when paying by phone. I find it a pain that there are so many different apps and I never seem to have the right one when I go somewhere new! #project365

  5. Oh dear. That’s a shame that N would rather stay on the farm than go away over the summer. I get it though, now my girls are older they want to do nothing with me unless it’s shopping and spending money.
    It sounds like you had a nice break away.x

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