3 bottles of English cider

Project 52 2024 week 24

Well it might be June but the weather’s still low to mid teens and showers (occasional downpours). It was so windy we had a gust not only knock the table tennis table over, but also manage to move it from flat up against the wall to side ways on. How it did that with the brakes on I’ve no idea. Here’s our project 52 for the week, it’s week 24.

Sunday – football tournament day at the club. Last year was boiling, the year before rained quite a bit. This year, dry and chilly. Everyone was pretty much in coats. One of our teams did very well reaching the final, N’s team were more hit and miss, losing out at the end of their first match, then losing the next 2, but coming back for a good win and much better play in the final match. The difference between having a defensive vs attacking player strength in the different 2 teams. But it was a good day, and N enjoyed it. I did a stint helping out with the refreshments stall which I always enjoy, although I did have a panic at the end when i went to get my chair and the cool bag to find they’d disappeared. My handbag was in the cool bag. Thankfully, N had packed them all up and taken them with him. One very relieved mum once i found him.

Monday – in the office to replace my broken keyboard. Also nipped out at lunchtime to go to the opticians to sort my glasses. It turns out in the office, it’s even more wobbly and switching between the laptop and monitor makes it all blurry and a bit motion sicky. I have to go back on Saturday to see their lens person to see if I need different lenses for mid range as well. Took N and his friend home after they’d been to Nandos after school.

Tuesday – just a normal busy working day really. Nothing exciting took place. Although the fingerless gloves were on again, as it’s so cold while working. I’m back to drinking hot chocolates to warm up in the mornings too.

Wednesday – another super busy day. June’s flying by, work’s manic, and it’s trying to fit everything in as well as prepping ahead for days out of the office coming up as well. Now football training’s finished it’s all quiet after school and work too. N just goes out on the farm if there’s no homework to be done.

Thursday – second part of Bridgerton was on my watch list. I managed to watch 2 and a bit episodes before bedtime called.

Friday – another busy work day. It was good to only work my hours today. Luckily the rain held off for N’s tennis assistant stint with the little ones. It does sound quite amusing with some characters in the class.

Saturday – a day of appointments. I needed to go back to get my new glasses checked. They’re much stronger reading glasses which are fine for my phone or a book, but I can’t use them for my computer monitor as it’s blurry. Moving between monitor, laptop screen and keyboard or notes makes me feel dizzy. They rechecked and have altered my prescription a bit, including checking where my pupils are. I think it’s not helped by the lenses/glasses being a bit bigger than my old ones so there’s more peripheral vision blurriness than with my current glasses.

I then had my hair appointment. It was really quiet in there for a Saturday, although it’s always hard to book in with my hairdresser. Then a quick supermarket trip to pick up some cider for Father’s Day. After lunch I took N for his hair appointment.

3 bottles of English cider

New posts this week:

Things I’ve enjoyed this week:

  • The 2nd part of Bridgerton series 3
  • Hearing about an engagement
  • A busy work week. It’s been super busy, but I do thrive on that, especially when picking up other bits to get them fixed.

Things I’m grateful for this week:

  • The rain held off as I left the hairdressers.
  • N’s school report was a reasonable one, and he reckons my concern over one part is due to an unfinished online test that was stopped due to time. Phew
  • The start of summer sport – the Euros, then that’ll shortly be followed by the Olympics and Wimbledon.

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  1. I need to get some new glasses, it always takes me a while to settle into my new ones. I also had fingerless gloves on over the weekend. Well done N for tidying up the cool bag and chair, but I can imagine the panic thinking it had disappeared.

  2. I am so fed up with the weather, I really need to feel some sunshine. I loved Bridgerton, although I do wish they’d scrap this American break nonsense

  3. This weather is just stupid, I want sunshine and some warmth.
    The football tournament sounds like a good day!
    I started watching Bridgerton this week and I love it.
    Oh yum! I love that Inch’s cider. They have just started selling it in our local pub. x