orange marigold flowers next to a garden wall from low view

Project 52 2020 week 34 – garden flowers

It’s week 34, social distancing seems to be lapsing all over the place with local lockdowns still going on in places. Thankfully here, the cases are ok, but we’re still only going where we need to rather than everywhere.

Sunday was a getting the head back into work mode with not much going on. N was moaning about hit tonsils hurting again, so he didn’t go to tennis. I keep dosing him up with throat spray as they weren’t inflamed. I think it’s just been a cold this time with a sore throat.

On Monday I was back working again. I do like the one week on one week off over the summer holidays. Everything is really focused on the week I’m in, although it does feel like a wasted week when we’re not really doing anything. N said this week that he’d enjoyed the summer holidays, so that’s good. We were sent a Geomag Mechanics set for review so he enjoyed building that and playing with it over the week.

Tuesday there was a bit of sun, so I went out to help N walk the dog. The marigolds (or calendula as I prefer, it’s my birthday month flower) are looking amazing now. The ones in the wall are a bit meh, they come and go. But the ones that have grown on their own outside the wall and they always look brilliant.

On Wednesday we had a lot of leftovers for meals. I’ve really got bored of thinking of meals now. Formal meal plans have gone a bit out of the window and instead I’m just doing a variety over the week of things that are quick and simple. I’d had to use baked potatoes for mash for the cottage pie, so I had lots of potato skins left. They had leftover cottage pie for tea, and I made crispy filled potato skins for me as they won’t eat them.

It was a wet day, and I had to got with N and the OH up to the air field where we’ve got cattle, to pick up the extra vehicle left there. We all piled into the gator – 3 of us, plus a german shepherd and labrador. The german shepherd decided to sit on top of N so it was a bit of a squeeze.

On Thursday we didn’t do anything. Just work for me. N mooched around the house, playing Farming Simulator and watching Youtube. While also building a den – our house always seems o have random cushions, duvets and blankets around.

Friday was a short work day for me. Then tennis for N. A new potential coach was having a trial so he was taking half the session before they did some serving and matchplay practice. There were only 2 of them because the other boy is on holiday. It was good the main coach was there to see how they’re getting on and he gave their serves some tips which N said really helped him.

We’re trying to organise with the tennis club to put out a mini red team from the younger ones, and mini orange team. I’m not convinced we’ll get an orange team as you need 4 players. We’ve got only 2 in our session the right age. But there’s a couple who used to train with us but haven’t been around much and a couple the right age at the club sessions, so hopefully we’ll be able to find 4 for each of the matches. They really do need to play matches to get used to that, outside of training. I’ll be the team captain again

Saturday was a quiet day. Just a bit of play with the dog, jigsaw puzzle, cake baking and re-den building.

Next week I’m off work again until school goes back. The summer has whizzed by – usually when you’ve not much to do, things drag. But this year hasn’t.

orange marigold flowers next to a garden wall from low view

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  1. Beautiful flower shot, such a vibrant honey colour. Are these marigolds? I like dried marigold petals in tea.
    Hope the tennis team for your son gets complete.
    Summer has passed very quickly, next week it’s back to school for us.

  2. I hope you are enjoying the week break before school starts again! The early moring rush isn’t something I have missed at all!
    I hope N is feeling better with his tonsils this week, gosh it has been a rough ride this year and now we are heading ever rapidly into the colder months 🙁 I’m trying to keep visits to a minimum, just don’t feel as comfortable as I once was going out. Strange feeling really! Hope you are all having a lovely week! Sim x

  3. Our cases have improved as well, and we have local or ‘smart’ lockdowns in high case places. OoOoOO pie and potato skins. It’s good that the coach was able to see how much N improved. Pretty flowers

  4. Oh no, not the tonsils again ! Hopefully it was a false alarm. I said that the summer has whizzed by too – not fair ! Love the colour of the marigolds. So bright and cheerful 🙂

  5. I think we have got used to doing very little and the time is still flying by. I do love the colour of the flower – so cheerful. Hope you manage to get a tennis team together.

  6. Really like the idea of one week on and one week off. I am back on Tuesday and already starting to dread all the emails I am going to go back to. Hope you manage to find the other players you need and that N’s tonsillitis doesn’t come back.

  7. Lovely photo fo the flower, shame N is feeling under the weather again, but picked up for his tennis sessions. Hope you manage to find another 2 players for the age group. Can imagine you all squeezed into one vehicle lol

  8. We are still mostly staying home too. The kids are at school, but we are still working from home. The one week on and one week off over the summer sounds great. Such lovely flowers too x

  9. We are still mostly staying home too. My teen has been the only one out and about over the last week and as far as I know she has been careful.
    The one week on and one week off over the summer sounds great. This summer has flown over.
    What pretty flowers x

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