Other than the challenge of working out a Wasgij solution, I also enjoy the humour of the images. This is certainly true of the Wasgij Original 26 Celebrity Chief Chef puzzle, one of the recent puzzles I completed.

One of the original Wasgij range, you are trying to work out the puzzle image from one of the character’s viewpoints. What are they looking at rather than the box image.

Wasgij original 26 Celebrity chief chef .

The setting is a cooking competition, Masterchef style. You’ll find characters in the puzzle inspired by real life chefs and celebrities. Look out for the amusing pun names as well and the dubious meal concoctions.

I completed the puzzle by doing my usual method of sorting edges, then by major colours and characters. It’s one of the easier Wasgij puzzles to complete.

If you want to see the solution, scroll down. You can find out my method and guide on how to solve Wasgij puzzles if you want to do them without solutions.

You can buy Wasgij puzzles from Amazon, Hobbycraft, and other puzzle retailers.

Wasgij original 26 Celebrity chief chef solution .

What’s been your favourite Wasgij puzzles?

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