Fast paced family game Dice Academy

Play fast with a Dice Academy game review

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We love a quick game especially one that we can take easily on holiday or out and about with us. As Asmodee board game bloggers, we were sent the game Dice Academy to review. It looks like this will be one dice game that we can get out and play when we’ve just got 15 minutes to spare.

Fast paced family game Dice Academy

Dice Academy, as its name suggests, is a dice based game. There are 10 dice, 5 with letters and 5 with pictures representing topics on them. You can play with 2-6 players, although you could always play in a team as well.

There are different length of games, from short at 15 minutes where you’re aiming to be the first to get to 10 points. To the challenge game where you need to get 30 points. So you can adapt it to suit the time and players you have with you.

How to play Dice Academy

It’s really easy to play this dice game. The topic dice are rolled first and you work out what the 5 topics are from the instruction book. They range from songs to characters, sports to countries. There are also easier topics like things that are round or small things. This really helps the younger players in the game.

rollong coloued dice

Once you’re clear on the topics, you roll the letter dice. Then it’s a free for all, with everyone trying to call out an item that fits the topic, starting with a letter on a different colour dice. So you’re matching topic and starting letter, but mismatching the colours.

topic dice instructions

How we found it

N was the dice roller, but it did give me the advantage. It’s also worth double checking the topics before you launch in and answer.

Several times we got stuck and had to re-roll the letter dice. It’s always hard to think when you’re under pressure and I’m sure there were items beginning with those letters but we just couldn’t think of them.

The game is recommended for over 8 year olds. For speed of thinking, and having a wide knowledge of songs, character and people, it’s a good age guide. N did ok, but as an adult I’m just faster than him (plus he likes to make up words to fit which is funny, but not allowed!). Younger children can play, but they might need a bit more time so adapting the game to take turns.

dice and instructions from Dice Academy

We liked Dice Academy. It’s good to have a quick game to play,. And the box is neat and small to pack away if you want to take it on holiday.

You can buy Dice Academy* from Amazon, or other board game retailers.

Have you ever played? What dice games do you enjoy?

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