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Project 365 2017 week 47

Last week’s Project 365 is a little delayed, but I decided I’d rather add it later than double up this week.  So here’s week 47 of Project 365.

On Sunday, I headed up to London to meet up with 2 of my old school friends. We try and meet up a few times a year, but this was a first in London. And without the children too.  We walked along South Bank, went to the Press Photographers awards exhibition at the Royal Festival Hall, checked out Dazzle jewellery exhibition and had lunch near St Pauls.

St Pauls cathedral

On Monday I finished Christmas puzzle number 2.  I’ve now moved onto a Wasgij puzzle I was sent to review.  I’ve never done one of them before, and so far I’m not sure it’s me. I don’t want a challenge, I just want to have a relaxing time enjoying a puzzle so I think I’m going to have to cheat and find the solution online!

christmas jigsaw puzzle

On Tuesday we had our delivery of advent calendar book pack from Scholastic for a review.  There are some great books, and we’ll be working our way through them. They’re a bit advanced for N, but he’ll be able to enjoy them for a few years.

opeing advent parcels

On Wednesday it was a dance night in Oxford. I managed to find one of the few free spaces in Oxford, so was able to enjoy the Christmas lights as I walked down to the townhall.

christmas lights in oxford

On Thursday, I had the afternoon off on flexi time. There’s never enough time to do much – especially as I had to head to get my INR test done back at our village surgery, but I did have a couple of hours just sitting reading in a cafe. I’d been planning to blog, but Starbucks wifi connection wouldn’t connect because it wasn’t secure and my phone wouldn’t override that.

starbucks hot chocolate and cake

On Thursday N came home from after school club with this clay hedgehog. It was made in their school forest school session and N was very proud of it.

clay hedgehog

On Friday we had a pretty good sunrise and I managed to get this shot out of the bedroom window. Quite often I miss the sunrise – either being up too early, or being in the car. So it’s nice to capture some of it

sunrise over the farm

On Saturday it was a pottering day.  Quite often the pup is out when we’re heading out or in, so when driving in we have to be really careful because she will not stand still when there’s a car coming in. She’s not grasped the not jumping up yet, so I ended up with her nose in the photo.

sprocker nose
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