black and white farm kittens

Project 52 2020 week 24 – farm cats

Another week of lockdown, and now it looks like we won’t have to make the decision on whether N goes back to school because the rest of the year groups aren’t going back til September. N’s happy. The school are trying to get more children in who aren’t dealing well with home school, so they’re doing all they can. But with children being unlikely to be added to bubbles with their year group or friends, potentially not with their teacher, it’s not the type of school day I want him to go back to anyway.

Here’s our week 24 of Project 52, and week 12 of lockdown.

On Sunday, we did very little. No walks, not much outdoor being apart from taking the bins down to the gate, trying to see if we could find the kittens, and seeing how the apples were growing. N wasn’t feeling too good, with a sore throat.

Monday was a bit of a home school damp squib. N has tonsillitis again, had a nap in the middle of the day. He did put together the lasagne for tea although he hasn’t been eating as much as normal. After work and tea we went outside and played a bit of chip and putt golf in the garden.

On Tuesday, I spoke to the doctor as N’s throat wasn’t any better, and as I missed the doctor’s call last week, thought I should probably speak to them to find out what they wanted. She prescribed him antibiotics again and because this is the 6th time since September, she’s also referred him so we can speak to ENT about possibly having his tonsils out. Unfortunately none of the hospitals are open to booking appointments, presumably because they’re all working on Covid at the moment. So I don’t know when we’ll be able to get an appointment, let alone see someone. We played Rummikub* in the evening.

Wednesday N got back into his school work. He also decided to make a Lego bull. He seems to be a bit obsessed at the moment with bulls and cows getting together, AI and the difference in code of bulls mating success! I made keto coconut ice – it’s ok, but not a patch on the real stuff.

In the hope of getting N to read, I’d ordered a few books that had been recommended and that looked interesting. I’d also got the Andy Murray* biography. Amazingly N is lapping it up. He read with no complaints for 30 minutes and then even took it in enough to tell me snippets. We might have cracked his reading in getting him to realise he can enjoy a book and not just read because he has to.

Thursday he was feeling a lot better, and there was quite a lot of silliness going on. He did most of his work today, and did the copy for an english piece of work making a tourist leaflet for one of his topic areas – The Grand Canyon. He ran out of time and it would have taken him ages to actually do it online so I said he could choose a template and pictures and I’d put it together that evening. He loved it, and quite enjoyed doing it.

I had to do a Covid19 test because I was picked out from the Zoe reporting app to do one, as part of their research. It wasn’t nice and I thought it would be inconclusive as it was really hard to do. N could have done one too but he didn’t want to with his tonsillitis. When the courier came to pick it up, he didn’t follow any of the instructions I’d been told would happen. So it was a good job I don’t have any symptoms.

On Friday we emailed N’s leaflet to his teacher and got a fairly amazed response – the ease and joy of Canva for making any type of document you want! N was pleased that it was printed out and stuck up in his classroom even i he’s not there to see it. N read for nearly 45 minutes. In the end I had to get him to do some other school work otherwise he may not have got round to doing any. He also spent quite a lot of the time rolling writhing around the kitchen floor wrapped in his big winter blanket, evidently being a fish. Because it felt nice!

Saturday was a really lazy day as our weekends now are. I got my test results back and they were negative thankfully, although I did panic beforehand like your mind always does when you know something can’t happen but you worry anyway.

This week’s photo is of the farm kittens. There’s 3 and N reckons they’ve been around for 3 weeks. They will come to Gramps when he puts food down for them daily, so N has been trying to befriend them. Maybe we might have some friendly farm cats again this time, as none will let you get close (unless they’re waiting for food you’re bringing) since one called Thomas about 15 years ago.

black and white farm kittens

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  1. Awww those kittens are super cute. My kids are loving being back at school and they have already moved bubbles so they are with their friends

  2. I love the sound of him in a big winter blanket being a fish! We all need to do a bit of what makes us happy! Hope you get some answers from the ENT, its a shame appointments are taking so much longer to arrange with everything going on. The kitties are adorable!

    1. It’s frustrating you can’t even book anything, but I suppose they just don’t know when they’ll be able to fully open, especially when it’s a one building hospital

  3. Oh the kitties are so cute! So sorry about the tonsilitis, that’s horrible. I hope things are better this week? #project365

  4. Awww the kitties are so cute ! Aaaggghhh sorry to hear you’ve had to deal with tonsillitis again. Having them out sounds like the only option, to be honest. Thank goodness the COVID test was negative – is it as bad as everyone says? Keto coconut ice sounds interesting. Pierre is back to full time school as of next week and he’s not happy. Enjoy the (extra long) holidays !

    1. The test is horrible. I found it so horrible I thought it would have been inconclusive as I hadn’t done it for long enough. We’ve still got 3 weeks of term left, but thankfully he’s got a few inset days too before the summer hols

  5. Yay sounds like you have nailed the reading I wish we could! My husband had one of those tests and had to go to get it done. I know what you mean about the worry. Sorry to hear about Ns throat again I hope you manage to get an appointment soon. Love the kittens they look very cute.

  6. Aww those kittens are so cute, hope they will become friendly. Sorry to hear that the tonsils are not getting better. Fingers crossed, you’ll have to see a doctor some time soon.
    And hurrah with the Andy Murray’s biography! So glad to hear that N is reading. Maybe he prefers to read non-fiction?

  7. Poor N having tonsillitis again. Iā€™m glad the GP has referred him to the ENT specialist and hope you do manage to hear back about an appointment soon. Good to hear that N is now feeling better and that he has discovered that he can enjoy reading. Good news on your Covid test too. Love the photo of the farm kittens ā€“ they look very cute. #project366

  8. Glad your results were negative. And I hope Nā€™s tonsillitis clears soon. My oldest got his referral and then never got it again. Well done to N on his leaflet. x

  9. Oh the farm cats are so cute!

    Glad you got a referral re the tonsils but yes might be a while before he is actually seen! Hope they don’t flare up again after this.

    Sounds like he really got into the biography!

  10. Glad your results were negative. Hope N’s tonsillitis clears soon – at least you have a referral now even if there is likely to be quite a wait. Well done to N on his leaflet.

  11. Yeah, it’s not an ideal way to send one’s kids to school. Aww I hope N gets better. Keto coconut ice sounds interesting. I hope he understands the joy of reading books. Canva definitely has proven to be very useful. Glad to know the results came back negative. The cats look like foxes!

  12. Sorry to hear N still isn’t fully recovered, hope you can get appointments soon to get things sorted. Child 4 wasn’t interested in reading school books, but he loved reading the newspaper for the football results. His teacher agreed he could bring a paper into school to read daily rather than having a book, it also helped him get interested in maths as he worked out points needed in the table etc

  13. That must have been a shock being chosen to do the test, I hope it wasn’t too horrible and glad the test results came back as negative.
    Poor N, I hope he is feeling much better now – I’m totally with him, it’s always hard to get motivated when feeling under the weather, but hope there is some movement on the ENT appointment at some point soon!
    Those farm cats are cuties šŸ™‚ Hope you have a fab week! Sim x

    1. It’s not a pleasant swab to do. I thought it wouldn’t have got a result as I didn’t do it for as long as I should have done.

  14. The kittens do look cute. Poor N with his tonsilitis, he must be so fed up! It can’t be good for him to keep having antibioitics either. Glad he did such a good job of his leaflet and how brilliant that he has found a book to read that he enjoys.

    1. I didn’t really want him to have any this time, but hopefully this will be the last lot for a while. I’m hoping he continues with other books after this one – still won’t read at weekends or to pick it up outside of school work, but at least he’s happy to read for as long as possible

  15. I bet N is happy with not going back to school.
    Poor N getting tonsillitis again. The poor lad. I hope when coronavirus is over he can get an appointment quickly.
    It sounds like the Andy Murray biography is going down well.
    Aww! The kittens are adorable. x

    1. They’re so sweet. I need to go down regularly to see them so they get used to me, and maybe introduce them to the dogs so they get used to them and don’t get chased. Not the collies though, because one of those hates cats!

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