wembley stadium from the steps below looking up to the entrance

Project 52 2022 week 47

Week 47 of Project 52, and it’s been a fun one with lots going on. 

Sunday was a productive one. We headed to town to pick up various things that we forgot yesterday, got some Christmas gift ideas, got the car washed and diesel, and headed to the farm shop. N de-cobwebbed while I vacuumed – we need to make a start ahead of his friend coming over later in the week. N started his mince pie 2022 mission by making his mincemeat. He’ll be able to start baking next week. 

On Monday it was a miserable day. We progressed a few things at work. N arrived off the bus without his tie. They’re stupid clip on ones, and it just fell off after getting really loose. I’m not impressed – never had these issues with proper tie ties. Luckily I had ordered 2 in case this happened, but it could get expensive over the various years he’s at school. Tennis was cancelled due to the weather and we had the woodburner on most of the afternoon which was lovely.

Tuesday should have been a quiet day. It turned out to be very frustrating, and I ended up crying on a call to a colleague. Not my finest hour but all the frustrations had just built up I think.

On Wednesday it was a calmer day. Apart from the weather which was horrendous – wet and windy. So much so that it was too windy to safely use the mobile floodlights so football training was cancelled. I bought some new wellies for N from the only shop around here that seems to sell them. He then told me that his dad had ordered some. I wasn’t convinced given they’d only been discussing that he needed some. Turns out I was right and none had been ordered, so hopefully these fit him. 

Thursday was a lovely flexi day. I had an early INR test which was thankfully splat bang in the middle of my range. It’s been really high recently so hopefully this is it back in range for a while.  I headed into Oxford because I wanted to check coat sizing in Uniqlo. There’s a couple of coats I like but couldn’t remember which sizes when ordering online – possible Christmas gift. I did find a smart coat in Primark so that’s one ticked off. N had a friend over after school – a pretty rare occasion, but he really enjoyed it.

On Friday we had an early start to go to London for our Wembley Stadium Tour. We had a great day, N loved it, and it was quite the experience. We ate in Zizzi’s afterwards, then came home before N’s tennis lesson. Thankfully it was better today as only 5 turned up, and none were the younger group. Then back to watch England’s match against USA. It was pretty terrible but a draw’s better than a loss.

Saturday was another early start for an away match. N’s team were playing top in the league, and it showed in the first half with a shocker for our team. They improved lots in the second half scoring all the goals that half, and totally surprising their opponents ending up with a 6-4 loss. It was a shame they’d taken so long to get going because it could have been a very different story. Otherwise it was a fairly chilled out afternoon, ending with a fish and chips tea.

wembley stadium from the steps below looking up to the entrance

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  1. That does sound annoying with clip on ties. How fab you did a Wembley Stadium Tour and Zizzi’s afterwards – Yum! I remember those early starts when my eldest had a short spell of being interested in football quite some time ago. It was nice he was being active back then but I don’t miss the early starts or getting cold watching at the sidelines lol. Awww bless you having a tearful moment, but no shame in it, better to release those build up of emotions and am sure your colleague was glad of a chance to support you.

  2. I hate those clip on ties, I don’t understand why they cannot have proper ones. The Wembley Stadium Tour sounds like fun. I am lucky to have been a couple of times but never done a tour

  3. Clip on ties are the bane of my life in school, constantly finding lost ones, no idea if I ever match the right tie with the right student though. Although I worked at Wembley and have attended many matches, I’ve only ever had a tour of the offices, not the stadium. Glad to hear your IRA levels are good at the moment

  4. The weather has been rubbish this past week.
    Those clip on ties are rubbish. We have an option here and my youngest thankfully has always gone for the proper tie.
    It sounds like a great day on Friday with the Wembley Stadium tour. x

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