photosynthesis display at enginuity

Project 52 2020 week 1 – new year

It’s week 1 of Project 52 for 2020. A photo to represent something in the week just gone. This week includes part of last year as well as the first few days of this new year. Here’s our week 1.

On Sunday, it was dry and we meet with friends to play tennis. N and his friend played while us mums had a chat, before we all got on court. Tennis does make me laugh. Everyone thinks I must be amazing because I’m so interested in it, and played a bit at school. However, I’ve played a lot of squash in between over the last 20+ years, so my tennis is terrible. In comparison I see other parents get on court who claim to not play and know nothing, and they’re really good players. Certainly a lot better than I am (and ever was). I need a lot of practice and probably some coaching! It was lovely and sociable to play. How tennis should be.

On Monday, we didn’t do much. I supervised N doing some archery in the garden, and finally put some bird seed out.

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Tuesday was new year’s eve, but we didn’t do anything to celebrate it. I took the Christmas tree down. Most of the day was spent with N and his cousin making Gravitrax* runs. We had more internet issues again. Not good given we’re still having Freeview signal issues too. High pressure has not been welcome.

On New Year’s day it was a normal day at home. A day of puzzles for me as I finished a Christmas puzzle, and then built a 3D Buckingham Palace puzzle. I’ve not started any more puzzles, so I expect that might be me done for the winter. I only seem to do them in winter.

On Thursday I gave N a choice of where we could go. It was time to actually do something this whole holiday, other than put yet another dishwasher load on, go food shopping or relax at home. He decided on Blists Hill Victorian Town and Enginuity, rather than National Trust. Of course he moaned about Blists Hill, but loved Enginuity – I think it’s somewhere we might revisit and make use of the annual passport to visit some of the other museums in the Ironbridge area.

Friday we headed to Cheltenham to meet up with a uni friend of mine and her 2 boys. There’s only a month in age between her eldest and N, although we’ve not seen them since they were about 4 at Treefest. We went to Airborne trampoline park and they had an hour of jumping before we caught up properly over lunch. Then a trip to Sports Direct as all 3 boys were keen to check out what was there.

On Saturday, N woke with a wobbly tooth. His 9th. Spooky as we were only discussing teeth falling out the day before and were saying he’d probably have to wait a while longer before the next one would be loose. He’s moaned all day about it, because it’s half out and sitting awkwardly. Hopefully it won’t be long before it comes out.

photosynthesis display at enginuity
Photosynthesis rain at Enginuity

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  1. I’ve never heard of Enginuity, but it looks good. I hope you have a lovely New Year xxx

  2. We love Enginuity – H is always happy to go there. He likes Blist Hills though, but we did go in the summer. Some of the museums we have been around at a million miles an hour as there hasn’t been much to spark his interest. Mary mentioned the tar tunnel and we enjoyed that one (it’s rather strange, but it’s not a long visit).

    1. It was a lot of fun there. I think it’s unfortunate we quite often visit places in winter when it’s always harder going with less buzz or activities going on. Summer last year was a lot of tennis so not many free weekends.

  3. Happy new year! Sounds like you had a lovely social session of tennis. I’ve never played tennis properly, but my husband did, especially when he was younger (and fitter).
    Gravitrax is very cool. We put our boxes away, but maybe I should dig them out from the summer house and see if Eddie would like to play again.
    I haven’t done any puzzles in a long while, and miss them.
    Hope the wobbly tooth comes out soon.

  4. Oh the gravitrax looks really cool. As does Enginuity. I love playing squash, was never any good at tennis with the whole keeping that ball in the court thing, but with squash I can!
    Happy new year.

    1. That’s my issue. Plus you have to run more on a tennis court vs squash. I don’t think my knee will take squash anymore but N would like to try it. Maybe when he’s a bit older. It does screw a bit with your tennis game.

  5. I always imagine you to be amazing at tennis because you are so passionate about it.
    Eek! I hope the tooth comes out soon. I hate that awkward stage!
    Happy new year! Wishing you all the best for 2020 x

    1. I think that’s what lots of people at tennis think. Obviously the level in my county was a lot lower than those where others played lol. Tooth came out the next day!

  6. Enginuity sounds interesting!

    I loved Tennis when I was at school but we played more for fun at lunch time rather than have proper lessons which were few!

    A lovely start to 2020 for you.

  7. Glad you enjoy the social side of tennis, I don’t play but my parents did and I really enjoyed going to the courts with them. Hope the wobbly tooth comes out easily. Happy New Year to you all

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