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Project 52 2022 week 1

Happy new year. We’re back to week 1 of Project 52 for 2022. I’ll always start out with good intentions of being a bit less waffly to cut down these posts a bit. But hey, that’s who I am. I like to talk.

So onto our week 1.

Saturday 1st New Year’s Day was just another day really. Of course there was more rain – just as we took out the dogs for a walk. I really need to buy myself some waterproof trousers, as my trousers were soaked.

On Sunday N and I went to Waddesdon Manor for their Winter Light Christmas displays. I’m glad it was pretty cheap as National Trust members but even so it wasn’t worth what little money we’d paid. Very short, and not wow at all. I was glad we took our hot chocolates because they only had 2 takeaway stands operating, and they didn’t seem to have much in the way of food. N wasn’t impressed as he got really hungry. It was a lovely walk though, and time spent together.

Monday was the bank holiday so an extra day off work. We just mooched at home, I read, did some of my puzzle. I did make some keto ‘Ferrero Rocher’ to snack on. I kept on my diet and exercise over the holidays, and managed to lose 1.5lb which I was pleased about.

Tuesday I was back at work while N had an extra day off school – it was the platinum jubilee bank holiday off in lieu for the teachers as that’s in half term. He spent much of the day on the farm while I worked. It was fairly quiet as lots of people were still on leave.

On Wednesday it was back to school for N. Frosty and cold, but he still insisted on shorts! It was also the first tennis lesson back after Christmas, and a first chance to use his new full sized racket. It went pretty well with it, so he was happy.

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Thursday was so cold. I wore my thermal top* under my layers while working but was still cold. My new tennis racket arrived. I did have a panic as I’d had to research so much to find one that I thought would be good for me, and was a decent price. I panicked when I got the despitch info from the courier because although I’d bought from a website, the racket was coming from Germany. I thought I’d end up paying import duties. Thankfully it got delivered with no issues, and no charges to pay. 

On Friday it was a nice short day at work. The working week has whizzed by. N was in non uniform for school as they had their new year ‘party;. Usually it would be a disco, but instead they did activities outside in the playground before having nibbles. He had his private tennis lesson with the main coach which went ok, then the group session as normal later on.

I chatted to one of the other mums, and managed to top up my steps – it’s nice to see that 4.30 I had nearly half an hour still in daylight to walk in. I’ve been doing a few Fitbit challenges with other farmers’ wives and girlfriends from a facebook group I’m in, and I’m getting the hang of getting my steps right up. I was pleased with 95k steps for 5 days, although a shame I didn’t manage to get in the final 5k. It’s taken a long time to work up to these steps, but I’m pleased given my job is sedentary. Another benefit of working from home, as I’d be lucky to manage only half of that when based in the office.

Saturday was very wet and a bit windy. We needed to get work boots in the next size up for N but of course they had none in stock, so I’ll have to order online. Stocked up at the butcher’s and checked out the new Lidl in the middle of town. It’s so much lighter and brighter than Aldi, and the staff don’t whizz the tills through as fast.  I made a chocolate fridge cake to use up last year’s Christmas biscuits and a lot of chocolate that’s been floating around over Christmas. I then remembered the OH always gets given a lemon meringue pie by his sister in law for his birthday. So might need to freeze the fridge cake.. Just a shame I can’t eat it!

selfie with ranbow yarnbombing design

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  1. What a fun yarn pillar. Well done on your steps and losing weight during the holidays. Glad the tennis racket arrived without problems. I’m waiting for a package from abroad, and expect that I will have to pay a tax.

  2. Shame the winter lights display at Waddesdon were disappointing but glad you had a nice walk with N anyway. I’m impressed N still wants to wear shorts even when it’s cold. Glad the full-sized racket is working well for him with tennis. Well done on managing 95k steps in 5 days, that’s impressive. Love that yarn bombing – so colourful and pretty. #project365

  3. I’ve been to Hampton Court for their lights display and it was not great, but we had cheaper tickets as members, so it was not that bad, but still, not fanstastic either. I don’t understand why they don’t do a bit more, put some lights in the trees, to make it a bit more special.
    Next year I will try Kew, as I read good reviews about that one.

  4. Well done for the weight loss. I really need to work on my lockdown weight gain this year! Amazing step counts too. I was naughty this week and took the car on the school runs. Sorry to hear the light walk wasn’t what you were expecting #365

  5. I am pretty sure I waffle in mine too! Sounds like you have done really well with the steps I struggle with a sedentary job and want to try and do more. 95K is brilliant and well done on losing a little over Christmas that is really impressive. Glad the tennis racket came without any extra duties. Love the rainbow tree. Happy New Year

  6. Ahh! I like your Project 52 posts. Keep waffling!
    I was thinking about buying waterproof trousers too. I want to be able to go out without getting soaked.
    I am glad your tennis racket arrived with no issues.
    Ohh! Has someone been yarn bombing. What fun x

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