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Wasgij Original 7 Bear Necessities puzzle solution

Inbetween Wasgij releases, if I spot any of the older puzzles second hand for sale, then I’ll try and get hold of them. I always find the puzzles easier to do the more of them I’ve done. So I like to keep my eye in. Plus of course there have been lots of puzzles before I started Wasgij puzzling, so I’ve got quite a few still to have a go at.  The most recent was Wasgij Original 7 Bear Necessities.

Wasgij original 7 bear necessities header blog

The Wasgij Original range show a box image. But you need to work out the view that one of the characters sees. In this case, the deer looking towards a camping set up. What chaos ensues with this family attempting going camping in the wilderness.

One of the older puzzles, these are always harder than the newer ones.  Once the edges were complete on this Bear Necessities puzzle, it didn’t take long to do the tent, but the greens of the leaves took some time. I had a couple of pieces in the wrong place with 1 space left to fill, so had to locate which pieces were wrong to complete it.  

You can find the solution down below.  Do check out my step by step guide to completing a Wasgij puzzle without needing the solution. You can also find all my other Wasgij solutions there too.

Wasgij original 7 bear necessities solution

What Wasgij puzzle have you done recently?

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