project 365 #365 week 10 photography

Project 365 photo a day – week 10

It looks like Spring is well and truly on its way (touch wood), so we’ve started getting outdoors more, plus of course there’s been pancake day, so some obvious choices for this week’s Project 365.

project 365 #365 week 10 photography

Sunday – Sundays always used to be N’s nap catch up day, getting ready for the week ahead.  Recently in dropping his naps, he’s not really needed the Sunday ones either, but last week he’d had a late night at the Red Tractor Recruit event so was desperately in need of one.  I turned round and next thing I saw was N face down on the sofa asleep, tangled in the blanket.

Monday – First of 2 days in London this week.  I love visiting London, but prefer it for leisure.  It always seems so much more stressful when it’s for work.

Tuesday – Pancake day, we ate a few pancakes, although next year I must remember to double the batter in case N decides to eat more than the half he did this year.  But I was pleased to see his certificate from nursery saying he’d come 3rd in his pancake race.  Cute

Wednesday – we got to try out the new Plan Toys wooden bath toys. N loves them and his baths.  He’s made, he tries to swim in the bath even when there’s little water in it.

Thursday – I’ve invested in a tablet, and while N was never really that fussed about playing on my phone, he’s really liking playing on the bigger screen.  He comes in bed with me in the mornings before I get up, saying ‘mummy, I want to play on that’.  Next job is to download all the educational apps.

Friday – this was the day that the weather turned more Springlike.  N had a great time playing out in the garden on his cosy coupe and ride on tractor.  We also had the kite out so lots of great outdoor time.  He didn’t want to wear his wellies, so they got left stranded while he pedalled round.

Saturday – another lovely day.  My brother came over for tea, so he and N spent some time with the kite again.  No lovely kite photos because my father in law had a bonfire going so it was all somewhat smoky.  Instead I loved seeing the crocuses out.  They’re also coming out next to the rows of daffodils on the farm.  Beautiful signs of Spring.

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  1. Hey Emma,

    What a cool thing and I’m sure that looking back on these will bring plenty of smiles. I love photos and I love seeing photos of me when I was just a kid.

    What fun times and adventures you guys have had. Glad Spring is almost here and more outdoor activities for us all.

    Enjoy and great shots.


    1. Thanks for popping by Adrienne.
      I’m the same, really love looking back at old family photos. It’s why I started blogging as well, so hopefully we’ll have some great memories of the year recorded. It’s definitely great to see the weather improving here and getting outside. I always find we’re so much more positive about life and the outlook when it’s sunnier. Hope you’re getting some good weather where you are too.

    1. I am too. Feels like spring’s really here with all the daffs and crocuses. Soon the leaves will be back on the trees as well which will be nice.

    1. He usually refuses, but it’s more that he doesn’t want to be upstairs. If he drops off on the sofa he doesn’t mind so much.

    1. he he, of course I have no idea how many kids were in the race, but I’m all for competition.

      Wellies do tend to get dumped places, usually outside the doors, so definitely a sign of childhood

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