kite flying


  1. Yes, the same one. I wanted to save this one back. It’s a great little kite, and really handy in his pouch to take on days out.

  2. Definitely recommend it. This kite was great – comes in a pouch so easy to just take with us wherever we go. I’m a big fan already

    1. This was N’s first time of seeing kites other than in Peter Rabbit, so he loves it. Always wants to take the kite out now

    1. It’s a deceptive angle. The kite’s actually fairly small – it’s a stowaway single one, but is pretty good at flying.

    1. I wanted to hold this one back. Had been hoping to get some photos yesterday as well of N, my brother and kite, but FIL’s bonfire smoke had taken over a bit too much!

    1. I’ve never seen a kite like it before, and it’s a good one although it was really cheap and is only basic. Definitely a nice reason to get out in the sun. Thanks for commenting.

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