kite flying


  1. Yes, the same one. I wanted to save this one back. It’s a great little kite, and really handy in his pouch to take on days out.

  2. Definitely recommend it. This kite was great – comes in a pouch so easy to just take with us wherever we go. I’m a big fan already

  3. Thanks, I was really pleased with it, especially as I was trying to fly the kite at the same time

  4. Mummy Whiskers

    and what a great day for kite flying x

    • It’s definitely been a glorious weekend. Here’s hoping the predicted good weather continues for a bit

    • Thanks. Definitely good to have some beautiful weather and see the sun out

    • Thanks. It’s been great to get out, and having the kite has made N really excited

  5. Jo @ 3 Kids and a Gluestick

    Great photo ๐Ÿ™‚ We love kite flying too x

    • Thanks. I don’t see many kites being flown in this neck of the woods, but seems there’s a lot who enjoy it

  6. we love kite flying in this house too, and what a perfect time of year to do it x

    • Kites seems to go well with Spring, and it’s quite gusty on the farm so perfect for taking them out

    • Kites do look great when you catch them right. Definitely lucky with the light here

  7. wildfamilyfun

    Yes, we can finally get outside and play! Great to see a blue sky!

    • This was N’s first time of seeing kites other than in Peter Rabbit, so he loves it. Always wants to take the kite out now

    • Thanks. Was lucky to get both in shot as flying a kite while taking photos was harder than I thought it would be

    • It’s a deceptive angle. The kite’s actually fairly small – it’s a stowaway single one, but is pretty good at flying.

    • It’s great as it’s something you can use at home in the garden as well as taking them to th eparks

    • Shame you see less of it around now. I remember making kites from plastic bags when ours proper kite broke.

    • I wanted to hold this one back. Had been hoping to get some photos yesterday as well of N, my brother and kite, but FIL’s bonfire smoke had taken over a bit too much!

  8. What a snazzy kite – and a great picture of a lovely day. Things are so much nicer I find when the sun comes out, and you’ve captured a glorious moment in time right here ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I’ve never seen a kite like it before, and it’s a good one although it was really cheap and is only basic. Definitely a nice reason to get out in the sun. Thanks for commenting.

  9. Oh I love kite flying, reminds me of my childhood. Lovely photo! x

    • My brother says it reminds him of Mary Poppins. But definitely something we used to get up to

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