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Here comes the sun…a spot of kite flying

It’s been a long time coming, but other than a few sporadic bursts of sun and blue sky between rain clouds, we’ve had nothing like today’s weather.  It’s been quite glorious and just about warm enough to be outside without a coat.

Fridays are great as I usually finish work early to be able to pick up N from his nursery school.  It’s always a mad rush to get tea done, but today N was allowed to play out in the garden for the first time in ages on the proviso that he stayed on the patio, didn’t go on the swampy grass, and didn’t go wandering off round the corner of the house where I couldn’t see him.  He played really nicely, and as he does a lot of ‘brmming’, I could hear him playing while I was making tea.

cosy coupe play

He does like to have someone outside with him while he plays, even if it’s just me sitting and taking photos of him (although he did pedal round me on his tractor, refusing to look at me for a photo!).

So once I’d got tea in the Aga, I got out the small parafoil kite I’d bought in a local independent toy shop’s closing down sale (wish I’d bought more of them now)

Also, I know I said it was fairly warm, but I’m not sure it was quite warm enough to lose welly boots and pedal barefoot.  Strange child!

barefeet pedalling a tractor

N was really excited about the kite although probably less so than myself.  I used to love kites as a child – we used to make our own from plastic bags with a bit of string and just run round with them, but my brother and I also had a couple of basic stunt kites.  There just never seemed to be enough wind.  But living on a farm where it’s pretty windy from across the fields, it’s the perfect opportunity.

kite flying

It was quite still today, but there were a few gusts around, so it was worth a try.  N struggled as he’s a little short to really get the kite off the ground, so I helped him out by holding the string higher up while he just held the handle.

holding on to the kite string

Because the grass was so wet, we were trying to catch the wind gusting round the house.  I think if we have some time over the weekend, we’ll have to try and get to the country park near us, as it’ll be really blustery there.

We did get the kite up, and just about enough to get the lovely ‘bunting’ tail off the ground as well.  The dog wasn’t impressed ever time I whooshed the kite up though.  She is gun shy though so I wasn’t really surprised.

parafoil kite toddler walking his kite

We had a lovely 20 minutes or so ‘flying’ our kite.  I think if we can get it flying higher it’ll be great and really entertaining for N.  It reminds him of his Peter Rabbit ‘Runaway Kites’ episode, as he kept saying ‘don’t let go mummy’.

One point I must remember in future kite flying situations…it really is difficult to hold a kite, prevent a toddler from getting tangled up, and taking photos.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

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  1. I haven’t flown a kite since I was a little girl, I really want to now! xxx

  2. Oh, we love flying kites! I am very impressed with the one handed photos 🙂 Kids really don’t feel the cold, do they? Wish I could say the same for me! #CountryKids

    1. The photos were a challenge. I was hoping to take some today as my brother was coming roudn to help fly the kite, but bonfire smoke got in the way, so didn’t happen.

      Know what you mean about the cold. N seems oblivious. I never used to suffer too much, but now I’m on warfarin I do feel it a bit more.

  3. Oh the bunting on the kite is simply gorgeous. So lovely you could hear him brim brimming. I know what you mean about them liking having us with them for company. The Aga sounds idyllic!
    Great to have good weather isn’t it.
    Liska x

    1. The Aga’s great once you get used to it, but this week it’s been putting itself out annoyingly.

      The bunting’s lovely (but does prove hard when trying to put the kite away without getting everthing tangled. Even N’s been caught up in it while I was flying the kite!

  4. Perfect way for a child to enjoy a break outdoors – in their own garden with a kite.

  5. I must say I was admiring your ability to do and photograph all at once there, given it must have all been one handed they are amazing photos and how lovely to see some sunshine with real warmth to it today. I hope you get many more kite days. Thank you for joining me for Country Kids.

    1. It was definitely a challenge. I was hoping for more photos today, as N is now really keen to take the kite out (although not to have a go himself, he just likes the tail!) and my brother likes flying kites so was coming over today to have a go. Unfortunately my FIL decided that today would be yet another good day to have a bonfire, and the smoke kind of ruined the photos.

      Thanks for commenting.

  6. They don’t seem to feel the cold in the same way as adults. I’m forever reminding my three to put on socks. Kite flying is so much fun. Glad you’ve found a good place to fly. #CountryKids

  7. We love flying kits too and as for taking his shoes off what a great idea. A bit of mud never hurt anyone and it was warmer today

    1. Ah, no mud for him, he had to stay on the patio, but there’re lots of gravel bits next to it, so you’d think he’d want to avoid standing on those.

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