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Learning to dress yourself – how to put on a jumper

I have never seen anything as amusing as my son trying to get himself dressed.  Learning to dress yourself is obviously a lot harder than you ever remember back when you yourself were learning.

He can get himself dressed if I lay everything out the right way up for him, although bottom half he knows labels go at the back for trousers so he’s pretty hot on trousers and socks.  He does get annoyed when the heel of his socks are on the top!

But the way he puts on vests, t shirts and jumpers makes me laugh.

To me, there are two ways you can put on a jumper.

  1. Arms through first, then over the head or
  2. Head first, then put arms through.

I’m obviously wrong though as N seems to have combined the two methods.  I’m not sure who’s been teaching him that, but maybe it’s just the way the jumper is given to him.  He is pretty lazy though, and I can understand how hard it is to get ‘into’ a jumper from it being laid on the ground.

He tends to shove his head in (but not push it through), then the arms go into the sleeves while he can’t see anything.  Sometimes it’s like a comedy sketch show where there’s a headless person knocking into things as they’re toppling over!

I’m trying to encourage him to at least push his head through, but he seems to get caught up with doing the sleeves afterwards.

Oh well, I guess he’ll learn at some point soon enough.

How did your children find learning to get dressed?  Have you any tips to help teach toddlers to put clothes on?

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  1. Oh bless, how gorgeous! I can’t really remember a time when Grace couldn’t dress herself anymore – although I wish she would hurry up for school sometimes!! Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

    1. You do forget them sometimes, especially how hard it is when you’re trying to teach them. N gets told ‘label at the back’ which isn’t very helpful when there’s no label and it’s stamped on the back of the t shirt. He’s pretty good at getting dressed now, but just lazy! Thanks for popping by and commenting

  2. I loved this! I too struggle with teaching my daughters how to dress themselves. It’s like, “It’s not that difficult!! …. Oh wait, I guess it is.” Haha. It definitely is amusing. ~Jenna // A Mama Collective

    1. Yes, you really do forgot about learning some of the supposedly simple things from when you were a child. Still, provides us with lots of laughs

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