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Bath time fun with wooden bath toys

When I heard Plan Toys did wooden bath toys, I did a double take and looked again.  We’ve been lucky enough to try their Water Landing Net set on behalf of The Toadstool.

Plan toys landing net

To say that N was excited to see what was in the parcel is an understatement.  He loves toys in the bath, although he’s often just as excited to play with emply shampoo bottles.  But I hate all the plastic rubbish bath toys that accumulate (not helped by them being left in the bath by N and the OH after they’ve finished their shower/bath together that I then find taking over the bath in the morning when  I go for my shower), so seeing these much classier and classic looking toys, even I was quite excited to try them out.

In the set which is suitable for 18 months+, there are 2 bowls (one of which has holes in the bottom), the landing net, and a fish, turtle and starfish.  All are lovely colours, made from sustainable wood and using sustainable manufacturing processes, and they just don’t look like tacky bath toys that will go mouldy.  I like the fact that they don’t detract from a nicely decorated bathroom (ours still isn’t really finished, but I can only dream).

I was a bit concerned about N doing his usual bath preparation which involves him having to put the plug in, run the bath water, put in the bubble bath, and then chuck in toys.  Thankfully I managed to stop him from throwing these ones in, as they are a lot more solid than plastic toys and I didn’t want them cracking the bath.  He did throw one of the bowls in when my back was turned, but luckily the water was deeper so the bowl just floated on the surface bobbing along.

wooden bath toys play

N loved playing with the toys.  He’s a big fan of tipping water from one thing to another, and the bowls enable him to do his favourite thing.  Plus of course he can pretend to have a shower (he won’t go under the real one) with the bowl which has holes in.

water scooping self shower with bath toy

I loved the sea animals the best.  They’re quite a tight fit for the landing net, although N did manage to squeeze all 3 in.  I think that’s better than having a massive net, as it means other larger toys won’t be shoved in to damage the net, plus it’s better for a child’s development to have to make sure they can get it right spatially to catch the toys.

swimming with bath toys

N was more taken by the bowls obviously, but this evening he was really excited again about his wooden bath toys in to play with again.  They were all thrown in the bath again, and he had great fun with them.

catching water in net

These toys are brilliant for development.  I reckon they can help:

  • Spatial awareness in using the landing net
  • Motor skills in trying to catch the animals in the net
  • Stacking the animals (out of the bath is more likely!)
  • Pouring from one vessel to another
  • Understanding how water flows and how water fit through the holes.  N was even using the taps to let water flow through the net and through the holes in the animals.
  • Understanding how things float and sink.  The solid bowl will float or sink if you fill it with enough water.

I think the water landing net will definitely be a bath toy that lasts and is enjoyed by N for a long time yet.  I’d definitely look into getting more wooden bath toys (and I think they’d also be a great newborn gift set for when a baby was old enough).

Family Fever

If you’re interested in finding out more about Plan Toys, and specifically their new range of bath toys, then do join in with the Twitter party on Monday 11th March at 8pm.  Just look out for the #Toadtest hashtag.  You can also read other reviews from Toadtesters on Plan Toys sold at The Toadstool.


Disclosure: We’re a Toadtester and received this set for review.  The Water Landing Net is only one of the Plan Toys bath range that can be found over at The Toadstool website.

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    1. I love that they won’t get mouldy. That’s the big draw for me. N is using them religiously every bath, but they should last forever.

  1. Love Plan Toys, such wonderful quality and great ethos – simple bath toys are a great idea and enjoyed by all ages of children too. x

    1. I think they’re a great idea, and definitely worth paying for the sustainability side of things (my work would be really impressed about that as well!).

      1. What is your work Emma? How is it related to sustainability? In pre-pregnancy life I launched honestby.com (most eco / fair trade luxury fashion company according to established fashion magazines and ny times etc )

    1. Exactly, I hate our plastic toys, especially as they all get left in the bath. These mean I’ve been able to get rid of a few of the plastic bits. Might have to invest in one of the boats, and then could get rid of the plastic boats too.

    1. I’ve never come across them before finding The Toadstool, but they are great quality and N was definitely taken with this one straight away.

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