I’m quite lazy when it comes to moisturising and body lotions.  It’s only really summer when I start thinking about it (the whole concern about having to potentially get my legs out!), and previously when pregnant to try and avoid stretch marks.  But having been reintroduced to The Body Shop lotions and potions at the Midlands Blog meet a few weeks ago, I was pleased to have been offered the opportunity to try out one of their body butters.

I think body butters are synomymous with The Body Shop – it’s one thing they’re well known for, and the version I have been using is pink grapefruit (or the amusing pamplemousse french spelling – that always made me chuckle at school whenever we were doing translation.  Ok, maybe it’s just me that finds it a funny word).

body butter

The simple packaging reflects as usual, The Body Shop’s ethical stance towards materials and ingredients.  I’m a bit partial to pink grapefruit (it’s my favourite juice, but can’t much at the moment as it’s supposedly not good with warfarin), so using this body butter has given my hit.  I find the butter really soft and smooth, it goes on easily without needing to use lots at once.  I also find it’s absorbed quickly into my skin, leaving it feel really smooth and soft even a few hours afterwards.

The body butters from The Body Shop are definitely a good, kind way of rehydrating the skin.  They’re intended to provide hydration for up to 24 hours, and I can see how they would if you used them regularly.  All I need to do now is keep them away from N as he does have a tendency at the moment to try and use my make up, so if he spots this he’ll be trying to use it like face cream.

There are loads of flavours so perfect to pick and choose according to your mood.

As N’s a bit old now to be using baby lotions and butters on him, I’ve been given three of The Body Shop’s Buriti baby butters to giveaway instead.  These body butters are paediatrician checked, so there’s no worries about using them on your baby.  Perfect for baby massage or straight after a bath.

body shop buriti baby butter

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  1. jackie curran

    I am currently using the Body Shop coconut body lotion , it is gorgeous.

  2. jannette

    I am lucky enough to have a body shop in my local town Wigan the smell is absolutely gorgeous as you walk past.I am using but he lemon body butter now x

  3. Gail Bennett

    The body lotion from Sanctuary Spa is my current favourite alongside the Body Shop’s Pink Grapefruit one 🙂

  4. Zowee Moore

    I love, and have used for years the body shop hemp range! it really works!!

  5. Rebecca mercer

    A body butter not sure where it’s from my friend gave it me

  6. Angie Hoggett

    I’m loving Palmers cocoa butter at the moment, I smell like chocolate which isn’t a bad thing!!

  7. Louise taghi

    I don’t use a body lotion at the moment. How awful is that!

  8. Kerry Kilmister

    I love The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

  9. These look lush and make my baby’s skin super duper soft

  10. amanda egglestone

    bio oil at the moment for the bump!

  11. justine meyer

    its my daughters and it is a coconut one from the body shop

  12. denise owen

    Body shop Grapefruit one is my favourite but i ran out so im currently using palmers:(.

  13. Chantelle Kemp

    I am using Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter at the moment and I LOVE IT!!! I think Body Shop Products are brilliant!!!! 🙂 x

  14. Samantha Atherton

    I’m using a soap & glory body butter

  15. soap and glory body butter but only cos my body shop ones have ran out! im a sucker for a fruity frangrance! 🙂 x

  16. maria blythin

    i love the coconut body shop butter x its amazing and thanks for the giveaway

  17. dawn obrien

    I’m using Ziaja cocoa butter at the moment, it smells divine!

  18. Sandra Clarke

    I’m using M&S Body Butter at the moment.

  19. Rebecca Allen

    i’m actually using up some biooil at the moment, but find it very moisturising on my dry skin

  20. Georgia Norton

    Body shop strawberry body butter 🙂

  21. marianne c

    Dove Firming Body Lotion but not sure the firming bit works although does smell and feel nice

  22. jodie yorke

    I have quite afew but my fave is the special edition one i got at xmas its cranberry with like a shimmer in it.

  23. I have a Nivea one at the moment that I like – it’s really thick and smells lovely 🙂

  24. Emily Clark

    Have a lovely vaseline cocoa butter one. It smells divine!

  25. I love body butter range, been a fan of The Body Shop since I was a teenager when I used to love their bubble gum shower gel aww memories lol

  26. Laura Pritchard

    One my friends sent me – they own & run Hidden Valley Farm Soap in Arizona. (http://www.farmsoap.com/) When my parents visited them they sent back some bath salts & an amazing Aloe Creme moisturiser.

  27. Body shop shea butter is so hydrating – definitely my favourite when I’ve been neglecting myself

  28. thank you for the giveaway!
    I have to say, im more of a fan of souflee creams and atm im using Sanctuary Spa Madarin which is GORGEOUS!!!

  29. Natalie White

    Body Shop Raspberry Body Butter – it’s divine!

  30. Helen Grayson

    Johnson and Johnson – baby milk. Makes my skin so soft!

  31. Tammy Tudor

    I love the body shop ginger body lotion 🙂 it smells divine

  32. Caroline H

    Body Shop Mango butter – smells great.

  33. I have just started using Vaseline’s new spray body lotion. It’s so quick drying. Leaves my skin really soft and no residue on clothes!

  34. Fiona Taylor

    Any Body Shop Body Butter, they all smell so good and make my skin feel soft and re hydrated 🙂

  35. Judith Luscombe

    I loved the Bodyshop Almond Butter but this has been discontinued so my next choice is the coconut one

  36. Lisa McFall

    one from bath and body works but its running low

  37. Lyn Bosomworth

    If I could take only one thing with me on a desert island it would have to be Body Shop Lemon Body Butter!!

  38. Passionfruit Body Butter from the Body Shop, my other half bought me some last month and it smells divine

  39. Lorraine Tinsley

    I’ve been using Sanctuary Spa 2 day shower oil, it’s lovely and saves time 🙂

  40. At the moment I’m using some Origins Ginger Souffle body lotion I got as a gift. The smell’s amazing, really light and refreshing!

  41. Sarah Gough

    Palmers Cocoa Butter. Stretch marks be gone!

  42. Michelle D

    Vaseline Aloe Fresh – really light and fresh, perfect for everyday. Khiels creme de corps every 3 days

  43. Dr Organic Lavender skin lotion, I received it for christmas and love it x

  44. Whichever one is first to hand. With two kids under three I don’t get much chance to shop for nice moisturisers!

  45. Alison Joyce

    Australian Body Care Tea Tree Moisturiser

  46. Kay Broomfield

    Using Mama Mio at the moment as I’m 6 months pregnant 🙂

  47. Ashleigh Allan

    I am using Clinique body butter and love it!

  48. body shop coconut body butter cant be beaten!!!

  49. My current favourite lotion is Nip+Fab dry leg fix, I received two of them in box swaps and trying to use everything up x

  50. I actually love Body Shop Body Butter, I started using it when pregnant with LP and haven’t looked back! Beazil Nut is my favourite!

  51. katie skeoch

    I love the body shop coconut body butter, it smells amazing

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